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The concept of a light fighter for [link]
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...appealing design.
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amazing design ! love it !  ;)
THIS needs to be in a video game![Emoticon] Spooked Dachie. 
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I like this design very much
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I really like the design. What program did you use for this?
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i love the work you but into this it reminds me of the ship from an anime called outlaws star
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Ошеломительная красота!!!
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awesome fighter:D
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Interesting wing design. Wouldn't that cause a lot of air resistance or can they be closed during flight?
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I think that kind of plane design is for orbital or space environment. Maybe, idk, haha
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Still. If its meant for battles close to the ground, then they probably have designed the flaps to be able to straighten out during flight.
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Yeah I believe it can be closed or it won't be able to land or dock otherwise.
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Or perhaps it travels really fast and they can be used to slow the aircraft down when preparing for landing.
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Great design, very cool!
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Something about this reminds me of the Vipers from Battlestar Galactica
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I always wondered about those two prongs on the wingtips. It's a really cool flair, & the game is great, especially the graphics.
Remember the Viper MK1 from BSG
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didn't realise you did the concepting for this game, great job !
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So I finally found the artist whoe made the whole ship design for Star Conflict ;)
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