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T5 TRM Sword

Strike Fighter concept

Tools: google sketch up \ photoshop \ hyper shot

for: [link]
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This is great sir! :D
Absolutely stunning! Any chance of getting a higher resolution version?
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who desinged jerhico T4 fighter?
Dude your designs are sick.  you should enter them into the competition going on with Star Citizen.  I could totally see this in game.

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se solo ci sarebbero anime con disegni del genere andrebero a ruba
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Hey I'm barely getting into using SketchUp to try and model some of my ship concepts for my novel. I love you work, but I was curious do you ever model the interior of the ships you create or only the exterior?

The models in the game are you SketchUp models right?
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That's of course entirely up to you, but I'd like to see more maneuvering thrusters. You design those vehicles like aircraft, but that wouldn't work in space. Of course that approach is usually influenced by game physics - there aren't many games there that would try to use more or less realistic effects. Hell, a good bunch of games thrown realistic physics into the trash bin... just saying ;)
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"That's of course entirely up to you," - This does not depend on me. It depends on the preference of the customer, the job that I do.
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Yeah, I kinda forgot about it.
Anyway, great job there!
These ships might fly in an atmosphere as well as in space. Therefore the aircraft-like structure is quite suitable. You also would not need thrusters if you have a sophisticated gyro system.
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It's called "reaction wheels", but it's only usable for a rotation along the center of mass. Problem with aircraft-like structures is that it's not the best thing for a space vessel. It radically changes the center of mass and makes atmospheric entry quite complicated as the trajectory has a very low margin of error (not to mention winged designes are not mass friendly). That's why NASA is going back to capsules - in case of problems it goes into ballistic mode (high g's) but can survive entry and it's lighter. So if you want to fly in space it's generally better to have vessel designed just for that, unless you go say from Earth to Moon frequently.
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Oh I wish I could fly that!
cool but too little for read the text
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Lovely, I love your ship designs. :D
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same as sentrionic that design is just so good i mean i pratically fell in love
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so hot stuff that it hurts my sci-fi loving eyes:-) i want to see a complete anime or movie with just these designs!!!
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Really awesome! Would love to see a timelapse of you making something like this :)
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