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Fifth concept designed for Planet Hex. Light recon vehicle.
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...excellent Rover.

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"And this, ladies and gents, is a lopata" --> man, are you trying to kill me or what?! I was laughing for 20 mins straight, and I'm not close to stop.
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LTATV Rover: A light scout and squad fire support vehicle, the Rover is an extremely versatile transport for fast deployment of response teams or shock troops. The vehicle's mounted .50 HMG gives it good suppression capability, while protecting the gunner form return fire with the attached gun shields. The smoke grenade launchers make it able to hide from most infantry when beating a retreat, and the IR adds to this further. It does have a vulnerability to enemy snipers due to the open top, and infantry anti armor weapons have been a issue, but the smoke grenade launchers allow it to hide from enemy AT with decent effectiveness. The armor is resistant to 12.7 on all sides, and the glass is proven to withstand an average of 20 7.62 rounds.

I actually enjoy doing this... why?
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Very good, the shapes are pleasant, looks strong and robust whithout look like a safe with wheels with some sportive elements. Horns  
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that thing looks like so much fun...:happybounce: 
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Man, your work is Amazing!!!
Very cool, but i would pick a Humvee or anything else over this any day. No roof means no protection from mortars, artillery, ricochets, shrapnel etc. Even for a scout vehicle this is very unprotected. The cabin isn't enclosed either, meaning snow, sand, mud and dirt would get inside the driver's area. Cool design but not functional sadly.
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I didn't notice that until you pointed it out. Dang.
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I love it! I think it would be useful in warfare!
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Your artwork is incredible.
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Brilliant! So many details and so real.
Так это же готовая техничка, если кто-то новую Generals делать будет.
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I could just see that pulling up to the Two Moon
coffee shop at the research facility, getting ready
for a nights work under a bright moonlit skyline! :D
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It is a beautiful piece of machinery 
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There should've been "the lopata")
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only one feature is missing for this vehicle. it needs ZED gear.
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Какой красивый военный кабриолет! По пляжам кататься в мирное время самое то.
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Very nice. Maybe a mistake in primIry arNament.
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Good vehicle for a zombie apocalypse. Nice render.
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