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Repair Corvette Hephaestus

Class - Repair corvette
Length - 140 m.
A repair vessel specialized in emergency repairs on the frontline. Weak shield, almost no hull armor. No weaponry. The ship uses a powerfull, but small engine to carry reapir materials with high speed. Mainly used with raid parties too far away from the base. Very expensive and hard to use efficently.

translated by ~shinigami195 :iconshinigami195:
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Hah, just have been thinking that a repair vessel should have been called a Haephaestus.
Man! I love your approach!
One of the bests in Technical Design!
Bravo !!
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Hey Karanak,

Is it possible that I use this image for the specs of a repair vessel in a Mass Effect RPG? I will link it back to you and state the credits towards you ofcourse :)

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Wow,good imaginary...
RauliontZennfaegrin's avatar
Was looking for something like this, i normally only see Cruisers and Dreanoughts if some1 does a space craft. Good job btw!
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Did you make this in 3D or was it drawn?
Max-CCCP's avatar
Прикольный. рубки у всех людей чем-то схожи;)
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Another cool design. I like how you offset certain parts of your creations, while keeping an overall symmetry.
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Имхо вышка управления (не знаю правильно как назвать;) расположена нелогично, т.к. операторский кокпит заслоняет весь обзор, если только он не складывается компактно, тогда все более чем логично
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смотрю клепаешь кораблики как на конвейере;))
KaranaK's avatar
Я и так конвеер. Мне всю концептулаьную часть для игры делать, а там 60+ видов юнитов.
MoonlitCrescent's avatar
Wow. love the design
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