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Recon Corvette Plecotus

Bla-bla-bla... -__-
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What are the canisters at the rear for?
ajninjaheroes's avatar
What wepaons does this corvette carry.
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Beautiful design and image. So cool. Bit like a bayonet-class patrol ship from Star Wars. Oh and then ofc a cross with those Russian FACs, the 'Osa'-class.
delta7Xx's avatar
i love corvettes for some reason...
really cool stuff, big fan!
parugs's avatar
cool design :D
E-Squid's avatar
This looks interesting, and it certainly looks the part of a recon ship.
Noldofinve's avatar
Бла-бла-бла, а ТТХ где?
KaranaK's avatar
А они нужны? По моему оин погоды не делают, как я заметил...
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Looks kinda like a classic WWII PT Boat.
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well done, it seems you favor the smaller ships like corvettes and light cruisers. Do you plan to do any larger ships? maybe on the level of destroyers of full fledged battle ships?
KaranaK's avatar
Yes, they will later :) Task on them me while did not yet give
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Hi Karanak,i was just wondering if any of your ship designs are available as plastic model kits?If so,I want some!
heavyarms55's avatar
I look forward to seeing them. When you say that they are a game concept, do you mean computer/video game of old fashioned board game? or something else?
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Love all that smooth plating!
Astron-Freen's avatar
Гуд ворк =)
VampireDGhost's avatar
Ай да молодец, массивно!)
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Another beautiful work! :clap:
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I like how consistent your work is. Do you render in 3D then add colours in PS?
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