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The concept of a light fighter for [link]

google sketchup\ photoshop\ hypershot
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This should be a interceptor judging by the general structure... to be fair, interceptors are technically fighters but they don't engage in head on combat... which is a reason for them having the longest ranged radar system, as for the Primary damage type for interceptions being EM I think is because interceptor's job is to scout and soften up the enemy by killings their shields to allow the fighters to finish off the enemy. (Obviously I played this game for way too long)
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<font><font>我喜欢this plane</font></font>
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You have really amazing designs (:
I wonder how you're doing all the awesome vehicles >w<
Do you model them at first and then paint over them in photoshop
and give it that certain something,which makes them unique and amazing? 
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why do the wings split like that?
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the color scheme is beautiful
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The game tutorial was in russian so I could not understand how to play the game.. D: But the game looks amazing tho. :)
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Thank you! Actually, there is a tutorial in English: [link]
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Np. The game has lot of potential. (: Very unique and I'm sure it will be a great hit when it gets officially released in North America/EU. :D
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Guess what? It is. (I think you already figured this out by the time you see this... darn I'm late)
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superb :) nothing special to add to that :)
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This is the project I prefer in your :gallery: (but all of are great too!) because reminds me the spaceship in star wars in better :D

Anyways, I love your work!
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You sir have a good imagination!
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Where Are the Weapns?
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As always, awesome work!
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Love this stuff man more so this is more than stuff rather it is art in motion..... That it your on watch... great work... That is all it took
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You should really do a tutorial on how you do these, they're amazing! I would love to know how you do it.
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awesome. You should post in 3D too. Great work for Sketchup.
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