Mobile Ion Destroyer
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Mobile Ion Destroyer (The roar of the ion)
Human Version

Google sketchup \ photoshop
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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows
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I thought this was the Mobile Fortress from the Appleseed Manga for a moment.

Inspiration? www.youtube.com/watch?v=5L4S7Y…
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Sarutamonkey|Professional Traditional Artist
How beautiful and detailed!
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When i look at this it reminds me of the "Angel" unit from "Civilization Beyond Earth"
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EricVonSchweetz|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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This is all I can see whenever I look at this.
Progenitor dreadnaught by TheQuantumToast   
It's absolutely wonderful
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Good evening... this is a great looking mobile unit ... I've recently uploaded a new piece that Ive been working on that used this unit... I do hope that you like it.
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Damn what a great style, details,  AWESOME Art from you I like that a lot !!! Thumbs up
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huytyty|Student Artist
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spacecityphototeam|Professional Photographer
This is a BEAST. 
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ShaozChampion|Student Digital Artist
O.O...need M.I.D. support?
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aDinoSupremacist|Student Digital Artist
I would absolutely love to model this. Could you upload the full sized version of this?
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wow, it is very very cool!! on our site mobile.com we can supply your picture as the background
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Очень уж похож на Девастатор из KillZone 3, обожаю этого крушилу. Ну в любом случае,я обожаю такие гигантские мощные "тачки", да ещё на гусеницах. Валить эту махину - очень сложно)
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r10cyd|Hobbyist Artist
awesome design.
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LadyRoseUchiha|Student Digital Artist
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1DeViLiShDuDe|Hobbyist Digital Artist
:omg: Awesome work! :D
:pointr: Excellent Design Presentation! :pointl:
:) Very Cool Indeed! :8)
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Wow, it's amazing. Really can't believe this is done by sketchup.
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very superb but I think just seeing this stationary is scary enough
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Alpha-Dog|Professional Traditional Artist
that the most detailed mech I`ve ever seen! :eyepopping:
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RedW0lf777sg|Hobbyist Artist
Are you a concept art for video games? because this is very good quality drawings you have done here. I feel like I'm looking at concept art for a video games.
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rikkuXchan|Hobbyist Digital Artist
he probably designed it by making a rough sketch of the whole thing with a list of all the details and equipment it has then made sketches for each peice of equipment, then made a low poly model in sketchup, then made its equipment, then cut the equipment off the main model into different smaller projects then begin retexturing the model with whatever seemed to fit, created the textures and skins, and did the same with the seperated parts, finalized the design layout, reconnected the seperate projects to the main model, readjusted the fine details, adjusted lighting and rendering, and then photoshopped it, it seems like a complicated method to work with but its actually a faster method because you cannot maintain a perfect concentration on any one model, eventually you'll start making mistakes that'll force you to have to take a break or rethink your approach in designing the model, but if you had many projects all connected to the same model to work with, you can jump quickly from one to another while the idea's are still fresh and can forget the problems you face in other stages of the model, most times its better not to beat your brain up for ideas and just let it pop in your head, that way you'll get some very impressive concepts and work-arounds for every problem you eventually face.. (or atleast thats how i do it xD) also doing this approach (with a main project and several smaller linked projects) you actually give your pc some breathing room so its not always angry at you for making it do so much lol, you'll see many professional designers using this method as well most recently in the movie transformers :P karanak: your no ordinary dev-art designer +_+
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Jack-Kirby-Crosby|Student Digital Artist
Ö fc,jtudlytltd i dont even...
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victor95|Student Traditional Artist
look its metal gear, lol.
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