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Mary Celeste

By KaranaK
More (and more detailed) pictures available on my artstation. Here's the link:…

Protagonist's ship designed for Subverse.… 
The Mary Celeste – a mysterious and highly advanced stealth cruiser found drifting in deep space by the Captain with no crew on board and no manifest. 
Was it an abandoned black ops project? A custom-job for some crazed billionaire? Nobody knows for sure, but it was too good of a DIY job for the intrepid Captain to pass up. 
He towed it back to the nearest spaceport where the Mary Celeste was outfitted with brand new warp drives and an extended cargo bay for one purpose and one purpose only – smugglling as much possible as fast as possible. 
The Mary Celeste serves as the player's base of operations throughout the game. She has 7 main sections that will gradually be added as the player makes progress through the game.

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game just came in to early access a couple of days ago

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The detail is fantastic! good work!

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:) When will these go into production? I want one! :)

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Excellent work!
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I love the smoothness of the design while still retaining a functional aesthetic overall, and it looks so ominous!
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Looks vaguely Triglavian.
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Very nice, especially the ambient lighting. Also; I've been avidly following this game and it's both interesting and encouraging that they tapped you for this project. They were saying it would be out this summer just past so I was wondering if it was ever coming out. "And an ending in three DIFFERENT colors!" ROFL. :)
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Very impressive job, as always, you are a genius!
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Saw that ship and thought, "Man. I want to fly this in a game sometime, this thing is sweet." Then I saw that Subverse logo. Yes!
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Beautiful weight in the shapes. I don't think you'll know what I mean by that but basically I think all the mass is so well organised on the model. It makes a really nice silhouette and has a great balance.
I hope this is encouraging for you cause I have no idea how else to explain it. It's like how I try to explain why I like the shape of muscle cars over hatchbacks.
Amazing work!!!
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3D cross certainlly does make a center of mass well placed, if its main duty is stealth its explain why weponery is so underwelming,
there is also that notion. that guns should be pointed the same way as thrusters , so backfires dont disruprt trajectory
(sorry me english)
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If ye do the "Mary Celeste", you need to do the "Barnhams Pride"; you need to do Dawsons "Christian", you have to do the "Horseman" and "the Lady" by his side; you need to do the "Dutchman" and "Space Station Three", perhaps Carmen Miranda has some fruit for thee.
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Love the crocodile head shape and the launch runway in the ship's maw
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Fantastic ship, say... anyone else think that this should be sent to Spacedock over on youtube see what he makes of it, and then see the reaction when its origins are revealed :D (Big Grin) 
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Haha! this is your work? badass, i thought the style looked familiar XD
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 I really like this ship :3
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