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I love it. It's amazing

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I would like to take contact with you about your spaceships. please contact me!

It looks ten time the size of a U.S Naval carrier. What is size scale? Thanks!
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this is amazing!
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you probably do not know it, but there's a software house, on Google play, that uses this image, to advertise one of his games ...
I've Made a screenshot ...
Realistically what would be the size of this space carrier? Two or three miles in length? Size? Weapons and fighters and crew? Thanks!
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Sorry, i don't know  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This information is owned by the developer. ... probably
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Oh woah, I love the design of this beast.

Is there a chance we can see a cut in half image and have a look at the inside?

Love you're work.
What are size dimensions? Thanks!
 A few miles
 like the attitude, it's a threat and it some how seems to flaunt it!Albert Wesker Icon 03 
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This is good art, and concept for ships and all
What are the dimensions and size? If any in meters or kilometers?
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Finally found you!
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Mind Blowing details! Congrats :-)
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This looks very similar to the dreadnaught from star conflict :P
looks pretty darn good tho
actually waitasec, was this concept art for the game?
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Learn to read the description of the works.
Very impressive design. I like the amount of details and the believability of this ship.
salut je cherche un modélisateur qui aurai envie de participer a la construction d'un jeux vidéo, pas mal le dessin  
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Insane structure :D
You really are such an amazing artist.. I always look on your works to get inspired! keep it up. more power! \m/ greetings from Dubai
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