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March 20, 2011
MBT Firewalker by *KaranaK
Featured by Pyritie
Suggested by Shisho2k
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MBT Firewalker

Conceived for the article \ The making of a vehicle concept
The article is here: [link]
p.s. sorry, article in Russian. Translations are planned. Until you can use [link]

Translation is no longer in sight. Familiar translator refused to translate the text.

Делалось для статьи\мэйк оффу "Vehicle Concepting". Статья по ссылке выше, если кому интересно :)
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stunning work. I love the muted colors and little red accents.
I've printed, constructed, and painted the model. Very cool to have the firewalker in my collection. Thank you for creating the concept!
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Hey there KaranaK! Just thought I should let you know, I found someone who is stealing credit for your artwork -->combat008 :iconcombat008: 
 I have discovered that they are also copying art/masking watermarks from many other people's galleries. Proof;

  future technology by combat008    (From combat008's dA gallery)
future technology

As the original artist, you can help report them for intellectual property theft, and have their IP permanently banned from Deviantart 
by sending a DCMA report here -->Bullet; Blue
Karanak, are you aware that several 3D models have been made of this ship and 1 is 3D printed? You did an outstanding job here! I'm looking forward to printing it myself!
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I'm liking the suspiciously like an M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun as a secondary on the Turret. :) Great Work!
Zer0Frost's avatar
Someone made 3D model of this concept or was it you?…
CISsuperdroid's avatar
IDK if anyone else noticed, but the small turret on the top back right of the turret looks exactly like the LAAG rotary cannon installed on top of the standard Warthog LRV from the Halo franchise, what with the dual tilted angled blast-shields and shoulder-grips installed just above the handles.
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bfg900's avatar

I found your work very inspiring and I would like to ask for your permission for me to use it for my next 3d project.

killerdragon558's avatar
Giant enemy crab....that shoots you in the weak spot for massive damage.
Tacotitan's avatar
As glorious as it looks dangerous.  Well done!
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This is an awesome design. I have been looking at art like this but this has to be the best one I have seen. Well done!
This what a realistic walking AFV is ought to be instead of the humanoid form in terms of real military ground tactics.  Because the UC Gundam series had the conventional AFVs with two tank guns and the Duchy of Zeon ground stomp these AFVs with ease.  If the Zeons had encountered these walking AFVs, it wouldn't be always one sided battles favoring Zeons because these walkers would have better mobility than a tracked vehicle and more rapid firepower than conventional auto-loading conventional propellant type tank guns.
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I'm very impressed! :-)
aDinoSupremacist's avatar
Hey a guy made this for a student project, I figured you'd like to see it.…
hanroe's avatar
Amazing design!
RizzellTizzel17's avatar
Dude, your work is awesome 
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i like color and design and you presentation. i am no found which that the game is about?
Farins's avatar
incredible work
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AshBrad93's avatar
Metal Gear, it can't be!

Oh wait, its not!  lol

Love the design man, maybe we should work together sometime
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вау,чувак ...это бесподобно :D
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