Heavy mech tier 3
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Comments (18)
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Looks cool, but I'd think it would need a larger foot-pad or it would sink, even on cement. Used to have a medium-sized motorcycle (650CC) and I had to throw a 3inch (10cm?) square plate under the kickstand or it would sink and the bike would tip over.
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Shabbizzle3|Student Digital Artist
Damn....i can only imagine deploying thousands of these on some near-futuristic-RTS (if there ever will be) and laying waste on the enemy. Woulda been so much fun xD

Awesome work as always man! 
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Pokebreeder25|Student Traditional Artist
i would like to purchase either 100 thousand of these walks our buy the schematics on how to build them.
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FluffyBush's avatar
I LOVE your work.
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LordNeadorGer|Hobbyist Writer
I just looked up the game and i have to admit, it looks really neat! Nice work :)
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Just awesome
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HerosLegend's avatar
This is wicked!
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Gromgorefiend's avatar
very kool i will need 400 of them by Thurs day. 
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Endy001's avatar
Take tanks instead. More reliable.
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FactionParadox's avatar
In the original RoboCop in the year 2017 the city of New Detroit was a warzone.  In real life by 2017 it was Chicago that was a real warzone.  They need to send in mechs like this (or the infamous ED-209s) to restore order.
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Midway2009|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome weapon on legs. B-)
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Randywolf105's avatar
Awesome!!! Your work is always incredible.
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templar127's avatar
Railguns! They make it even better!
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RaptorRed79's avatar
Daaaaaaaaannnnnnnngggggg!!!!!!!!!    I know what I want for my birthday :D   
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Wingnut55's avatar
amazing amount of detail...
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eclipse2025|Student Writer
this looks really cool! i cant wait to see the game when it launches or enter early access
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DPRaganEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Kinda reminds me of a Hardtech version of Æon/Trinityverse's Biotech "Kraken BioVARG"

Reminds me of, definitely NOT a copy, :D (Kracken hs 6 legs and two main guns)

Dang! I wish they had someone as good as you to redesign their Hard and Biotec, because some of their designs looked like they couldn't move 5 feet much less the stated speeds.

Trinity: Technology Manual Formerly of the White Wolf Gaming Studios, now re-licensed to Onyx Path Publishing.
Trinity Continuum – Onyx Path Publishing
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The detail is astonishing!Pearl Emote 11 
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