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Grunt Light Cruiser

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Looking good!Would you be interested to participate in an innovaive desgin project as an artist?…
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Someone likes Homeworld. :)
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Nice colour scheme and design details. Good job
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Excellent. I like the color scheme and the "offset" design.
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Very cool work!

But you submitted it into the wrong category.

It looks drawn, not rendered.
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I like the sidecar-like thing and the flanges on the front.
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Your ships are stunning! :clap:
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I like the sort of side-car concept.
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Remembers me of Homeworld 2. Oo
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Me too :D If you played the original Homeworld, it reminds me of the Taiidan minelayer corvette, although it's more bulky.
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*node* i loved the game. 1 and 2. Soooooo cool. ^^
wish for a third part Oo
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They (Relic) bought the trademark rights last year or so. It was the one big stone in the way.
There have been interviews with authorities, but they only said they would surely be interested in such a project. Nothing more. Mean teasers. D:

If they make a game, I hope they don't screw it up by trying to adapt to a big market full of people that can't deal with a bit more complex game mechanisms. You know, those people for which average flash games like Tetris clones mark the edges of their brain capacity.
HW2 already simplified micro management for example, I really liked the freedom of creating my own formations and squad sizes etc.
Also, I hope for more story like with the first part. That manual was a half book! And I loved it 8D Delivered some real atmosphere.
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Maybe they work out a first player modus you can fight them yourself like in Freelancer or the "X"-Series. Wouldnt like that. Maybe if you can choose between but not if you MUST play just one. =__=,
MarikBentusi's avatar
That would be a whole shift in genre Oo I actually liked being fleet command /RTS. D: Single fighters never really played a role, only political keyroles were named. And I liked that touch, it reminds me of history books about war doing this in a similar style.
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*node* your right. Know what i love the most there? Hehehe... that you can take a ship with 4 of your small ships and make it your own. XDD
I loved that... i send out a whole fleet of 25 of this small ships and take the fighting ship on my side. XD
MarikBentusi's avatar
Oh yes, salvaging 8D Indeed, most of the technology was acquired by reverse-engineering and I think that was pretty realistic, too - just get their guns and learn how to use them!

Cataclysm's "The Beast" was a bit odd, but it certainly created an atmosphere aswell. Although it wasn't able to reach that feeling of Homeworld 1. I mean, just look at the opening cutscene. The chorus while the mothership is leaving the station. This is just so epic and it continues with a feeling being on your own in space - a vast, lifeless emptiness with you making your first steps.

Not to mention the two dramatic twists after that, Khar-Selim and the return to Kharak. Man I was sucked in by the game when I desperately tried to save the containers with the colonists from the Taiidan frigates. I guess I was only twelve or so at that time, so I had less experience with games and their structures, certain game elements, mission types and other things you naturally begin to see when playing a lot of different games, too. It was all new, all grasping... good times :D
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