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Frigate Blitz

Game Concept

Class: Frigate/Scout-hunter/Transport-hunter
Length: 190m
Weaponry: 2 Blaster Cannons, all the stats are lower than average.
The "Blitz" main goal is to hunt down corvette-class scouts, so he's main trait is to be faster than a corvette, to be stronger than a corvette. Becouse of the speed it's can be used as a hit'n'run raider against unarmed ships. The main visual detail is the engines, the ship is "build" on them. The "Blitz" overall form can be very "fat" - his main goal is to battle ships weaker than himself and and his hull musn't be hard to hit. The weaponry consist of two small cannons. The shield isn't powerfull as a defending tool, but it's recharge rate is very high. The hull armor isn't the best either. The ship is very expensive becouse of the hi-end engines. The radar system is average.

translated by ~shinigami195 :iconshinigami195:
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look's like a jedi fighter in star wars
Chris000's avatar
Man, she won't win any beauty contests, but that is one well designed ship!
Raveraiser's avatar
My heart crumbles at this beautiful design.
xinch-arts's avatar
Да вверх;))) Всмысле, все лучше и лучше рисуешь;)
KaranaK's avatar
Ну задротствуем, оттачиваем процесс )
dmaland's avatar
Killer design, love those orange accents!
KaranaK's avatar
Yes, ingenious and wide-spread combination :)
techstepman's avatar
i simply love this one!!!
Great design, as always hehe.
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Savageskies's avatar
excellent work, looks really good. what's the poly count at? that's a really interesting shader too, do you have any tips on how you got the toon shader to work that way?
KaranaK's avatar
This was made in program Google Sketch Up :) Processing in Photoshop. Amount Polygons not so it is important since this concept :)
Savageskies's avatar
Thanks very much for the information, it's very helpful :)
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фукинг авесом

aka ahuitelno
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abditus's avatar
Во, наконец-то контраст;)) оранжевый значительно оживляет, смачный кораблик
KaranaK's avatar
И превращяет его в мультяшный )
abditus's avatar
ну можно сатурейшн убавить или сделать погрязнее цвет, но главное что был контраст =)
xinch-arts's avatar
Вверх;)) Расти вниз нельзя :) Молочник! Жду крейсера;)
KaranaK's avatar
Крейсера потом. Хотеть авианосцы )
xinch-arts's avatar
О! Вот этот ваще! Ваще слов нет... Растешь :)
KaranaK's avatar
Да блин - самый обычный кораблик. Куда расту то? )
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вверх;) шикарно!
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