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Flamethrower AFT 2L Heat

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new Pyro weapon confirmed
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A flawless design for a flamethrower I must say. Nice work.
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how long did this take
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Perfect anti flood weapon for halo
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I think you can make a fps game
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You could add this to team fortress 2 if you wanted XD
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I want this for the zombie-apocalypse or black friday (which basically is the same thing)!
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How can you draw these amazing pics?What app do you use?Because I want to something too.By the way,I like them very much.
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Bäd äss shit! But teamkiller is always that fag with flamethrower...
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Mack wants the flamethrower.
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Dude nicely done on this.... my stuff don't hold a candle to this. Keep it up man. Oh, and might I suggest some Wind Vortex, Tech to give it that extra BOOM effect? It will make the flames look awesome!
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cuz you always need one!
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What game is it supposed to be for?
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Hmm, interesting.
I see only one tank with fuel. In reality, hand held flamethrowers use two kinds of tanks - one for burning liquid and second one for pressurised gas that's used to propel and eject the burning fuel. Using mechanical pump to achieve good pressure for the stream would not be possible because such device would become too heavy.

However, if it would be possible to generate enough power to generate required pressure of the liquid, then it would also be possible to create a single tank flamethrower. The concept would in fact be similar to some degree with minigun (and your design), but instead of using electric drive to rotate barrels it would use that power to rotate pump. If would also take while for the pump to spin to operating speed, making it very similar to miniguns.

Another approach could be using some of the fuel to propel small gas turbine that would then propel the main pump. It wouldn't need heavy power supply then, but you would lose some fuel just to fire the darn thing.

Anyway, interesting. Forbidden by modern conventions but still... interesting ;)
I think it's safe to say that, in a futuristic setting, they'd have the technology to propel fluids at a reasonable velocity without using fuel or pressurized propellants.

It kinda depends on what kind of 'pump' you're using.
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what was the program you created the it? blender or something else?
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not a fan of flamethrowers but this is pretty cool. nice work.
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Does it come in left-hand make?
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Yo,this is really good work (especially in terms of quality),I like the Minigun-based design...I LOVE the Miniguns..But I wanna see this one on one of your adorable girls,dude...
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