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Fighter Stiller

Stiller (translated as "silent" from german)
Class - Fighter
Length - 15m
Weaponry - Rapid-fire blaster turret situated under the fighter's nose
The "Stiller" is a universal figther, able to shot down fighters and bombers alike. Not as fast as a normal figter, the "Stiller" uses a powerfull weapon generator, allowing non-stop fire with increased shell speed. Has a good maneuverability. Can be based on any carrier-class ship. Has a weak shield and hull defence providing cover from light turrets, but useless against heavy anti-fighter weaponry. Single-piloted.

translated by ~shinigami195 :iconshinigami195:
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I really like this design.
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Featured here:
Cool Space Fighter Ship Designs!
For reference & design inspiration! :D
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great work! only a small criticism for Translation: Silent in german means: "still", silence means: "Stille". the word "Stiller" doesn't exist. But that's just a detail.
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Now that's hot!
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i like the look of your ships, well done. btw how do you do this comic look? after rendering via photoshop? and what software do you use?
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Nice design! It looks heavy and tough.
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Прикольный, опоры тоже имеет для приземления ?
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I love this I can't do space ships or anything like that :no: I love ur work :hug::deviation:
RotcivAylum's avatar's cool stuffs :)

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fantastic art friend!
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Awesome. Good job. :D
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