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Bulldog Light Cruiser


Class - light cruiser
Length - 210m

Weaponry :
2x Heavy Plasma Penetrator Cannons - high damage and shield-penetration. Close range.
2x Blaster Cannons - lower than average damage and average reach.

The "Bulldog" light cruiser is a heavy, slow vessel with heavy weaponry and powerfull hull armor. The ship's primary role is assaulting heavy enemy ships and battlestations. The heavy armor is balanced by a weak shield. Because of the plasma cannons high energy consumption the engines are low-powered and quite weak.

translated by ~shinigami195 :iconshinigami195:
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Please say you can buy one that's NOT pink. :(
Все-таки не логично движки под корпусом располагать, и где маневровые движки? защита с боков и с низу? Кораблик на крейсер не тянет, даже на легкий, максимум на корвет
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А ты смищной. Юмор оценил!
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Stunning designs.
Harapekoguma's avatar
Fantastic as usual, you've got an amazing style.
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I really like the quad cannon setup.
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а кораблики то все лучьше становятся;))
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Цвета кайф
движки видемо под корпусом )
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гламурненький xD
1Razor1's avatar
Dude, this design is really good, you should submit it to Blizzard entertainment they might hire you to be an artist in starcraft 2, this design feels like a terran vehicle :D
2-Dpanda's avatar
поддерживаю фрикин амайзин ворк
virusaffected69's avatar
freakin amazing work man..
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