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Bomber Tuff

Class - bomber
Length - 20m
1 Torpedo Launch Platform, Neutron Torpedos. Small reach, low rate of fire, average hull damage, high damage rate on ship equipment.
1 Ion cannon. Small reach, good damage rate and low rate of fire.
1 Laser support-turret. Low damage rate, only effective against unarmored targets.
The "Tuff" has a good armor for a bomber, but the high cost make it hard to use on the battlefield. Has an powerfull generator, but the high consumption rate of the ship's systems requires more energy than the generator provides. Uses an medium engine with low speed rate. The "Tuff" is generally used in groups of five, and is best for "shoot'n'run" tactic, becouse of the bomber's low rate of fire. The ion cannons allow the "Tuff" to attack shielded targets, but anti-shield support, as well as anti-figter support, are still recomended.

translated by ~shinigami195 :iconshinigami195:
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Very cool what is the height/width?

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This is great. Do you maybe plan to do more? If you are still into space ship drawings, please contact me!
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That really does look tough!
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Looks like a corvett
Galfryd's avatar
How do the people, Get in and out of the bomber?
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Throught the hatch, of course.
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Love how the bomber looks like it has 'thick' armor. Great stuff.
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Excellent work… Keep it up!
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Karanak, you do a nice, great and creavite work. Thanks for showing your skills and talent for everyone :)
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I am really enjoying all the designs, but as far as descriptions are concerned, well let me just say you would make a lousy salesman XD

What I mean by that is that you seem to overemphasize the ships weak points over it's strong ones. It just seems strange approach to me; trying to select a ship based on its weaknesses instead of its strengths.

Still, its a novel way to go about it, and I look forward to seeing more :)
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These concepts are done for computer game :) Description write not I, but the customer. Indeed descriptions here much more, but I write only the most main.
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that is mad cool - you rock!
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nice one!!!i like the front section!
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How much does it cost to build? :XD:
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Only 29,99!
Call now and get a second one free!
(just pay shipping and handling XD)
MoonlitCrescent's avatar
Bargain! Does it come with free steak knives for the next 50 callers? ;P
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о! прикольный
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Cool...I'd like to have something like this in my garage XD
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