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Battleship Messiah

Top side RTS game concept (unannonced)

Photoshop \ Google SketchUp

Battleship Messiah
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Three things:

2. Is the RTS game this in out right now, or is it still in development?
3. As long as I credit you since this ship is yours to begin with, do you mind if I use the basic shape for an Mass Effect fanfiction I'm working on?
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one of my faves :)
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Looks like a boss out of Raptor: Call of the Shadows
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Просто балдею от того какие классные у вас корабли!
И это такое чудо вы сотворяете благодаря СкетчкАпу? 
Вы долго увлекались программой прежде чем начали делать такой мастер класс?).
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Nice! Although you have 12 Turrets and 14 guns listed.
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idk why im thinking of halo.....
very nice design, I'm going to model it in 3ds max if u don't mind?
i very much like the format u have presented its very pro.
perhaps i can trouble u for the front, side, top orthographic view in a hi rez and bottom, back orthographic view?
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Light battleship?
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does it have any under carriage weapons or is it a sitting duck if something comes from below? regardless this is epic.
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:worship: your ship design always cool man... good job
How is your workflow?! SketchUp first and then photoshop? Just amazing.
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impressive workmanship. awsome detail. smart use of bilateral symmetry. are you freelance or full time for some game co?
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Basically, a freelance, but I have a big game looking for a studio that can work with me remotely on a full-time.
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i was freelance before my current gig. sometimes being onsite you begin to know too much about the organization and there's always that office asshole you have to sit next to ;). good luck in your work, its really impressive.

thanks for the reply

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Unique shape. Coloring is nice too, yellow made me think construction as opposed to battle.
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