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Auger Light Cruiser


Class - Light Cruiser
Length - 250m

Weaponry -
3 Blaster Cannons - high damage output, lower reach, low shield penetration rate. Low shell speed.
The Auger is powerfull military vessel, powerfull enough to be considered a higher-class cruiser. It's great armor, especially on the flanks, combined with powerfull weaponry make the "Auger" a perfect linear-assault ship. The shields are average, and the production cost is high, so use with caution.
Also, the Auger lacks AA-guns, so it requires support against torpedo carriers (bombers).

translated by ~shinigami195 :iconshinigami195:
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Looks nice IMO :)
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These are all for the same game? Empire: Peripheral Wars must be HUGE!

Это все по той же игры? Empire: периферийных войн должна быть огромная!
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oooh! your conceptual work are absolutely stunning.
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so whats the length of a heavy cruiser?
What is this for? Are these for some kind of game? They're reminiscent of Homeworld, perhaps better fitting some of the mods that have been made for it.
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Cool beans! Reminds me of Home world!
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I can't help but notice that alot of these ships that you've been making for the past while are pretty straightforward in design, and some of them somewhat resemble each other heavily.
Now, since you have a lot more stuff that's really cool and quite unique in design, I don't mind, but what's the reason for the sudden shift to this style? Are you doing concepts for a game?
(Pardon me if I sound like I'm whining or being demanding - I'm simply curious about the large amount of these ships you've done.)
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No AA? That's very risky.
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Another excellent design - great lines!
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I just love your stuff man!
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ive really been enjoying this series of ships that you have been posting lately. very classic, very functional.

maybe add some underside views?
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Изящный кораблик получился. Белые \"пузырьки\"-рога - это что? Генераторы или что-то другое?
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Сферойдные радары.
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