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Assault Mech

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that is what i was thinking. im pretty sure starfox has that same idea as you.
cool concept ship to mecha!
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Wow. That's a nice Mech
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i want one for xmas :)
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It is very detailed and beautifully rendered.

But this one isn't convincing. Its legs are two spindly and its wingspan is so short. It doesn't look like a combat walker that can endure for long, assuming that it can walk at all.
for an earth-like or high-gravity world, sure. but for moons it'd be pretty practical
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I was thinking in terms of withstanding a high-velocity round or firing its own weaponry.
I can sorta see what you mean, but I stand by my reply. The the language of your original comment suggested mobility, not durability. And i think a transforming mech like that would need to be maneuverable so possibly less armored.
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Alright. It is not like we are going to see it in the real world, so I think we can let the fantasy can take care of it.

But I did say "endure for long".
Adding to that last comment, Karanak included some specs on that design sheet, suggesting that mobility would be preferred. It lists armor and weight as light, and a stronger emphasis on handling. As for its own weapons, it uses rocket pods, which produce much less recoil than cannons.
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So, a sort of recon fighter. And, in low grav worlds, standard jets become difficult to handle.
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Nice work. That bot reminds me of a japanese craft in C&C Red Arlert 3. That one has the same funktions. Flyer/Walker.

Btw. I looked up Pantropy and just can say: If I ever get tired again by playing ARK Survival Evolved, I hope Pantropy is ready to play.
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This should've been in MGS!
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damn dude. I swear no matter how much of your art I see I'm ALWAYS blown away. All of these look like we're gearin up for some huge war and I'm like a kid stuck in a candy store at night. Keep up the amazing work dude!
From a scifi standpoint this is badass as hell, all the little details really help to sell it and it looks awesome!
From an engineering standpoint, there is no way those stubby little wings are going to create nearly enough lift to keep that beast off the floor.
Maybe on a planet with lower gravity, or with some generous VTOL jet assistance, sure. - But on Earth I think I'd keep it in Mech mode :P

Nitpicking aside, this is a really cool design, great job KaranaK!
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Transforming mecha!
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