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AA Corvette Clacker

AA Corvette Type 2
Game concept (RTS strategy)
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Greetings and felicitations. Do you do commission work? I'm liking this design for a sci-fi book series.

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Its a backards falcon.
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Really great job!

I think the shape works well as a small transport if you see the front as the aft section, too.

That way, it'd remind me of the Otana frpm X-Wing Alliance.

Nevertheless, cool ship and great work
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One of youre really cool designs, and one of my personal favorites.
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Awesome designs mand. What software you use?
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Great Ship Concept! Love it...
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Pretty awesome, but the design doesn't seem to flow with that cockpit.
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Um, it's meant to throw lots of 'flakk' to hamper/damage/shoot down enemy fighters? Right?

Simply? It needs more gun turrets. maybe two more.

Sorry for the lame comment, t'is all I could think of.

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inspired to star wars ?
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Really ?.... I was sure you would say that ... but everything is there: parable ... guns ... except that the cockpit is the center ... but , me, I see a generation of millennium falcon...
bref... on s'en fiche royalement
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like a millenium falcon ...
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very nice series tho.
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Love those intakes, as well as the triple engines.
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Весьма весьма;) Силует напомнил кораблик из звездных войн.
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