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Peacemaker M2 by KaranaK, visual art

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Subplasma gun by KaranaK, visual art

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Martian outpost - Lab Area by KaranaK, visual art

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Mobile Ion Destroyer by KaranaK, visual art

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People keep asking if I'm okay with them making 3d models based on my concepts.
The answer is always yes, just credit me for inspiration.

Keep in mind, though, that a lot of stuff in my gallery is commercial work and it doesn't really belong to me from a legal standpoint, so remember about fair use n' stuff.

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hey do you do commissions, I got a mate who would freak over a 3d image done as professorially as your stuff

No, I'm sorry, I never take personal commissions. It's usually too expensive for "non-studios".

fair enough can't hurt to ask. still watching your stuff tho

Do you mind if I pose a question regarding a ship design?

No problem, ask the question.

Shoot, I forgot which ship I wanted to ask you about... Sorry, been juggling a lot lately. ^^;

Why don't I start that the beginning, are you familiar with an OVA by the name Sol Bianca?

I have it in mind to base my MC's ship on the titular vessel, but as a dreadnought instead of a frigate as the ship is, but that is a future design. I mention this ship to give the general idea of how advanced it's meant to be.

Currently, I am looking for artists who are up to the task by giving this "challenge" as I like to call it.

Forgive me, I rambled, back to the point: Currently, the problem I've noticed people running into is either perspective or depth on the design, which despite my best efforts to help, has remained a problem. So I'd like to get your professional opinion on the matter.

What perhaps am I missing to aid in the development of a schematic/blueprint of the vessel?

Official concepts: https://sta.sh/2cvof9gumbn?edit=1

I have more refs if curious. ^^

The second ship, which I think was what I wanted to get your thoughts on-... Sorry, poor memory; Ahem-, the second ship is meant to be the yang to the yin, this one being more retro. Now this one I'm having trouble visualizing aside from general details: In context of the story it is "considered a relic of the past, an antique" space carrier, capable of "amphibious landings with it's ancient naval frame."

As for armaments... idk. In my head I would defiantly think AA guns but part of me thinks that's not enough firepower to protect itself, not sure...

Any questions?

I'm sorry, but I still don't get the gist of the question. The only question I understood was "are you familiar with an OVA by the name Sol Bianca?". My answer to that question is no, I'm not familiar. Please form your question so that I understand something. Thanks!

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