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Monster 2: Bloody Fingertips

I don't think a warning is necessary. It's just Sharpie...and it doesn't look real anyway, does it?

I was feeling quite unhappy yesterday, so I started making a video. I wanted to take pictures to keep track of what came when. I wrote all over my arms with my army of Sharpie markers. :XD: It was quite artistic, but the artwork is still there now (especially the bloody wound that I received! It won't come off at all!). I apologize if I accidentally add one mirrored. The laptop I'm using mirrors things...hence why, when I start putting the video together, I'm going to have to mirror things in the program and...yeah... *rambles on about video editing*

Anyway, Antony stars in the video because I was already wearing the outfit. I have a new wrist brace-thing now, one that doesn't look like crap. It also works 10x better! :la:

Actual Picture Comments: Bloody Fingertips
Looking back on it, the whole hand would have been better, but I'd have even more red all over me. Antony's entire outfit is white. Needless to say, it's now white with red splotches. (Not to mention that my pillowcase and bed are covered in the crap.)
I think the line has something to do with walls...At this point, I figure Antony's trying to fight against it, but it keeps hurting him to make him stop, I guess. *shrug*

I can't do horrified looks at all, but that's what it's supposed to be. It's better than the ones I usually do.
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I like the fingers. Considering it's still there, I like it. :XD:
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I likes it :D From a point it does kind of look real :3
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Eh. I can't draw. Not even with Sharpie. :XD: