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Squat Power Boarder

A mercenary prone to casual violence, Trough Mac Broigum has served the psychopathic Rogue Trader Tyrel "Destroyer" Cathek for over seven decades of ceaseless voyages between distant stars. As his master has cut a bloody swathe through long-lost Human colonies and Xeno worlds alike, so has the abhuman Trough served Cathek with savage glee.

Trough Mac Broigum has participated in more xenocides and extermination campaigns than most senior Inquisitors can lay claim to, and he has often been at the forefront of the burning and slaughter. Trough leads a sabotage squad of Squat clansmen who have mastered the difficult vehicle known as the power board, a self-propelled ride capable of great leaps and even some limited flight.

The Squat power boarders are experts at striking through backstreets and narrow alleys after heavier units have opened a breach, rushing through urban mazes and space station corridors to deliver a lethal cargo of demolition charges, incendiaries, gas canisters, neurotoxins or virus bombs to soft strategic locations (such as waterworks or aeroprocessors) in the midst of population centers. Trough and his ilk will celebrate every triumph of mass civilian extermination with strong beverages, and will constantly retell their most daring feats of martial power board acrobatics in the face of enemy resistance.

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Drawn for Oldhammer Art Contest II. Usually I base my doodles loosely on official sources at best (these fictive worlds are always best for freewheeling exploration and imagination of one's own), but this one was different. The Squat Power Boarder is a reference to three things from Book of the Astronomican: The tabards of Rogue Trader troopers, the signum of Tyrel "Destroyer" Cathek, and the power board of Stugen Deathwalker.

"Kickee Cool" on the boots was a nonsense catch-phrase which I used for a Shadowrun Dwarf kickboxer during a short RPG session. I know nothing about Shadowrun, but I made said dwarf (with neon hair & beard implants, constantly shifting glowing colours) with the wacky spirit of Rogue Trader 40k in mind.

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Okay thats not grimdark, thats COOL!
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40k is all about fun at the end of the day. The grimdark is all a comedy dressed up as a tragedy, so excessively dark one can't really take it seriously. :)

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Squats were removed from WH40K because they were too cool for it. They made everyone else look bad.

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Can't argue with that. Yee-haw!

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just discovered Warhammer 40k had space dwarves and space halflings... I want them back, they're awesome xD

maybe in this Heresy of Horus expansion? I already saw the old space marines and stuffs designs are really neat:)
KarakNornClansman's avatar
Space Halflings are Ratlings, and they never went away in any shape or form. :)

Aye, it's good to see all manner of Rogue Trader wackiness brought back! Google "Necromunda Squats" for a couple of miniature proofs of their return.

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I was wondering, Squats because they clearly squat a lot? (they have uber muscular thick legs... actually the first models of dwarves both in warhammer and warhammer 40k... ehm how to say "they had the feet coming directly out of their butt" in a polite way? XD)

Also I like the TNT detail xD

"wait, if I just shot a cigar with my grenade launcher... WHERE is the dynamite?? ... oh... well... that happens..."
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saw them, my brother already knew the franchises and in these days he's starting playing (again) Dawn of War and watching all sorts of articles and videos on the WH40K lore xD

And I've got a little mystery to solve... about the WH40K related table top game STARQUEST (we played it literally a century, no a millennium ago xD)... it had this strange Dreadnoughts that were and are still called Dreadnoughts but aren't, they have a super different design and I think they don't even have a old dead geezer in them (full robot). I'd like to find more about why they were so different...
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They're back in town now, though, baby! :)
JaredtheFox92's avatar
Are they on tabletop? :o


its me again,the dude of the rebel empire quest

i really like the idea of exploring minor factions,kroots,q'orl,squats etc

are you planing on drawing xenos someday?

KarakNornClansman's avatar
Cheers Armentho! So do I. these aspects of 40k's background (all peripheral, as it happens) are amongst the very best parts of the entire brilliant setting. I currently have no plans to draw minor (or major) Xenos, but I've done so often in the past, and you can bet I will do so eventually in the future as well. :)

Probably something homebrew, though it could sure be fun to depict established minor factions, both of Xenos and 30k Humans.

Thanks for looking by!
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Nice work, any plans to draw more of the crew?
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Thanks! Not at the moment, though it could be fun. But as per usual I'm much more inclined to butterfly to the next concept to draw something different. ;)

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Any plans to sculpt this guy for your Etsy store?
KarakNornClansman's avatar
Now there's a jolly idea for sure! Not until you mentioned it, but now I do have a distant plan. Might wedge it in between projects for the sake of a fun sculpt, now that you mention it. Thanks a lot!

I hope he will get to see the light of day as a miniature. :)
Dinadan-Ermorfea's avatar
You’re welcome. :)

You could even do say five sci-fi dwarves as a small Kickstarter once you’ve had plenty of time to rest and recuperate from the tjubgob one. ;)
KarakNornClansman's avatar
That's a neat idea! I'll consider it. :)

At least a single figure one-off sculpt should be doable later, between other projects.
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It is always a pleasure to read about your characters and see your designs on them :) Thank you for sharing your work! 
KarakNornClansman's avatar
Thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

I look forward to catch up on all your latest uploads and replies, in due time when things are less hectic. :)

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