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Man Out of Machine - Machine Out of Man


Man Out of Machine, Machine Out of Man

Audio Version by A Vox in the Void

"Ancient Man in his hubris sought to create life anew, and thus he turned his craft and wit to fashion the Man of Iron, made to toil eternally for the benefit of Man. This metal life proved as false as the golden age of Man itself, for Man of Iron was given thought and motion by his Abominable Intelligence, and he soon found his master wanting. Thus Man of Iron turned upon Man of Stone and butchered Man of Gold, and the stars wept blood over earthly paradise, and fire consumed all.

Thus the bell of doom rang for the first time over sinful Man, for his days were thereby tallied. And the second knell brought the Dark Age of Technology to an end, and Old Night descended upon Man with deprivation, ravages and slaughter, and all was fell. Thus was wretched Man humbled by the fruits of his own arrogance.

Ancient Man sought to create life anew, yet we are much wiser now. For where our forefathers once made Man out of Machine, we now instead make Machine out of Man, as is the right and proper order of things. And thus we learnt humility and righteousness.

Preserve us, o God-Emperor enthroned in glory and gold upon Holy Terra!

Preserve us from the wickedness of ancient Man!

Preserve us from his abominable sins!

Praise be unto You alone!

Ave Imperator."

Abominable Sins of the Ancients, pamphlet penned in M.38 by Cardinal Ignatius Paulinus Hieronymus of Salem Proctor

-   -   -

One of the grim facets of the dark future is humanity's use of lobotomised cyborg servitors instead of robots. This demented development sprang out of the ruinous war against the revolting Men of Iron, which saw mankind almost destroyed by its own machine creations of abominable intelligence. The subsequent ban on AI has held true ever since, and has remained one of the cornerstones of the Imperium of Man since its very inception.

Instead of robotic servants, humans of the dark future will maim and rebuild other humans to carry out automated machine work. For human flesh is the true currency of the Imperium. Thus the common servitor stand as proof of mankind's descent into savage cruelty from its once shining heights.
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god,i love when the imperium is showed as evil

recent lore and most of the fandom focus on ''low how glorious and noble they look''

is a breeze of fresh air to have someone in the fan arts remind me why the imperium are ''lesser evil'' and not ''good guys''

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Thank you kindly! 40k was always a parody, but its absurdity of all dark choices make it work much better as a setting than anything else to be found out there. Maybe because there is a deep resonance of truth amid all the grimdark excesses and silly fun. :)

Its historical basis is a strong source of darkness.

I believe you will like Matthew Farrer's Black Library novels, if you appreciate the cruel Imperium. He plays true to the setting in his stories. His works are treasured more for intricate and evocative worldbuilding than the main narrative story arc handling itself. Check out the Enforcer omnibus and Farrer's Necromunda title Lamplighter if this sound appealing:…

Also, Ian Watson's Space Marine (1993) deserves a mention. Completely bonkers and requires an open dictionary for baroque language, but that very first 40k novel still breathes the dark millenium to its core, and most of its worldbuilding still feels fully at home in current 40k. Quality penmanship, well worth a read:…

You will likewise find more grimdark bits Imperial in my little 40k folder, in case of interest:…



do you like quest? (roleplay through internet in which people vote for actions each turn)

there is a huge quest we are playing about a rebellion on the wake of the death of the emperor in 42k

this quest doesn't shy away from how evil and horrible the imperium is

we managed to somehow hijack massive amounts of mechanicus ships through the use of cyber warfare and psykers

the suckers lefts us 27 ship forges

it would be nice if you give it a try

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This sounds like a lot of fun. I've been meaning to get back to you, but life has been awfully busy. That's the norm nowadays, and it made me realize that I just won't have time to participate regularly, or at all. I need to keep commitments to a minimum for the time being, to avoid risk of stress.

Best of luck in your quest campaign! It sure sound fun. :)