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Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, as the saying goes. And these beholders tend to be biological creatures. One thing that I have noticed many times over the years, has been a tendency in Fantasy to assume that Dwarves would find towering Humans and Elves to be fair and even beautiful. This is of course a tradition with roots in Norse mythology: After all, the goddess of love and fertility, Freyja, attained her magical necklace Brisingamen by bedding the four Dwarf craftsmen Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalinn, and Grerr. In Norse mythology, Dwarves are greedy and lustful creatures. Tolkien likewise played with this theme in an early 1920s story, when Dwarves demanded treasure and Elven maidens as payment for forging wonderful jewelry (this would later evolve into the Sack of Doriath in the Silmarillion, but the evil and lusty Dwarves with their Orcish mercenaries would not make it into later versions). Likewise, Gimli is stunned by Galadriel's beauty in the *Lord of the
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John Pickford at Oldschool Miniatures have sculpted a miniature out of my quick concept sketch of a Khornate Dwarf Dervish. Good fun, and good sculpting by master Pickford! To be available in the not too distant future.
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Karak Norn Clansman in a telephone conversation with his friend Deviatecod, July 2023 A.D: K: "I have a box sorted and clean raspberries for you and your girlfriend. I have picked berries like an idiot the last days." D: "No KNC, you are not an idiot. You are a madman. You have picked raspberries like a maniac." K: "What's the difference?" D: "We idiots would not be as productive as you are. You don't smoke. You get a lot of exercise out in nature. You don't destroy your body. You are not an idiot. You are a madman." - - - Furthermore, life has seen me rather swamped for over half a year. Mostly family matters. I promise to catch up on correspondence in due time. Take care.
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Hy again! Just wanted to post something here instead of further clogging up Securitate comments. If you looking for a bit of "ironic end" of a space marine veteran dying a most foolish and un-heroic death ever , we may have a runner for the first place.

A Captain of the Sons of Horus (i sadly forgot his name) riding a drilling machine together with his battle brothers during the final days of Horus Heresy, undermining the walls of Imperial Palace, eager to be first to the fray against hated loyalists...

Only to run into a trap made of liquid concrete, which first stopped the drill as it became clogged and jammed by the semi-liquid sludge, then it began filling the interior of the machine, gradually covering the traitor astartes as they could not exit their vehicle due to one of those amazing design quirks of 40 (30 back then)K we so love.

So a squad of traitor marines, veterans of Unification War and Horus Heresy got filled with concrete, them being stuck inside, and then slowly hardened, entombing the marines.

However due to their superhuman enhancements and whatever demonic power that already entered them they could not die, being imprisoned there in concrete for centuries possibly until their unnatural bodies run out of last semblances of vital energies and shut down at last, unable even to end themselves or communicate as their power packs ran out over time... And since they were stuck in what later became a foundation for the crude rebuilding of the Palace they , if you feeling poetic, became a foundation of the new Imperium too, in a way.

Heya! Hahahaha, that's a marvellous ploy! And as a Dwarf and Squat fan always interested in tunnelling fights, I'm reading it all thrice at rapt attention. Dorn is a cunning one. Great to see drills as well.

What a lovely horror story. Do you happen to know which Siege of Terra book this one is found in? Just curious, since I might eventually pick it up and record all surrounding details in case I decide to draw this exact scene in the future. Anyhow, this is going straight into future concepts with a bang!


By the way, forgot one thing that i found amusing - in Rogue Traded RPG they made peasant hunting canon (again?) , you can actually partake in one such hunt, albeit only in a ”choose your action” event.

Long live the glorious peasant hunt! Nice to hear.

By the way, it's never been removed. Spyrers in Necromunda (released around 2000) peasant-hunts, just like nobles in Ian Watson's Space Marine book from 1993 does. 40k rarely does retcons. Just because something has not been mentioned for a long time does not mean it has fallen off.

After all, most 40k publications is a codex treadmill and books circling around war and major factions. The glimpses of the wider Imperium and its civilian side we get are rather few in the grand scheme of things.


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https://www.reddit.com/r/40kLore/s/WMoTrFjeOn Found it, this thread has the whole scene extracted. Also one mistake i made, the passenger compartment wasnt flooded, so they all got stuck there forever, probably eating each other for next several hundred years.

Thank you most kindly, much appreciated! Lovely.

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May need to find the YouTube short where that scene was discussed, it was about “horrible ways to die” and i remembered this one especially.