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MGS - Metal Gear Solid MEME

By karaii
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Took an hour-long break from commissions and homework after dinner, and finished this meme :XD: My energy quickly died out and I just doodled chibis the rest of the way x_x

I've been drawing all day, gwah! *massages hand*

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I ship Big Boss and Ocelot so hard LOL
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YESSSSSSSSSSS I love hiimdaisy's comics :D
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I need to play these games so badly.

Your style is so cute/dynamic!
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They're all amazing, truly <3
Thank you!
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I have to say this for the Record, the BOSS is NOT A VILLAIN!!!!!! She's honestly te biggest hero in all the games. so I Don't know why shes in your villain Pictures -_-
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She is a hero. But she was also a villain in the game, right? (: I put her there because she was Naked Snake's primary antagonist -- mentally and physically, he had to overcome her, until he became her...
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Oooh yeha, now I remember: Raiden was running naked at some point of the MGS(3?) game?
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Nearing the end of MGS2, yeap xDD
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I need a tablet to draw things like this XD
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Get one! 8D Tabby's are awesome <3
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Ahahaha, couldn't stop laughing at Raiden's part! Totally xD, as you put it.
And the Boss versus Big Boss image if gorgeous sketchy pic!
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Thank you! :D I love Raiden but I have to admit he's kind of silly sometimes :XD: Always showering bishi sparks! <3

Ngbnashhhh now I wanna cry ;; I love Bossss ;O; <3
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Ahaha, showering bishi sparks, that's so true! I have a feeling he won't be able to get rid of those bishi sparks, no matter how much badass killer cyborg ninja terminator he would look like in MGS Rising xD And that's totally fine by me, ahahaha! 8D
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dios, que amor de meme xDDD :heart:
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XD!! Que bueno que te gusto jejeje me encanto hacerlo! :love: Es que ese juego es puro crack jajaja
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lololol es que me encantó xD
y MUERTE a Rose! y a Naomi >>;; y Ocelot es un amor xDDD es tann tann...awww X3 tenemos gustos parecidos >3
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Lo hare cuando termine Metal Gear Solid y Guns of the Patriots.
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Muchas gracias! XD
Y orales! Mandame el link cuando lo termines <3
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