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DMC - We've been here a thousand times before

Hey y'all, it's been a while :) (Smile)

DMC5 was a balm on my soul. I played it the weekend it came out and I adored it.
I don't think I'll be finishing my DMC Vergil comic anymore, because I'm content with the franchise wrapping up as it did, but I wanted to drop by and let you all know I am extremely grateful you all stuck around and followed my fan comics for so dang long. I grew up with you all! From my turbulent adolescence to my professional life now, always doing my best to be true to myself and my interests.

Stay awesome, friends!
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All good things must come to an end.
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so thoughts on Nero being Vergil's kid?

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Ah, that is a shame, but understandable.  This feels like goodbye, but maybe you'll splash fanart every so often, who knows.

Take care, mate.
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Im glad you still liking Devil May Cry series! Its alright if you wont continue the Vergil comic, im happy hearing news from you. :clap:

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Good to see you back.

Makes sense that you'd stop the Vergil comic seeing how things diverged but I liked what you do so far.

Hell the way you depicted Vergil getting bound by Mundus (liquid that bound him while in the palm of his hand) was similar to how it was shown in the Visions of V manga even.

Hope you're doing well.

If you get the time it'd be cool to see some more of your art but it's fine, you got a life to live after all.

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Welcome back dear!
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Thanks for the ride.
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You're alive!?! Glad to hear you're doing well, and even though its sad you won't be continuing the Vergil comic, I think it's still great that we finally got our closure with DMC5.

Also, lowkey happy to see you're doing fine after all this time.
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It's a little sad that your Vergil comic won't be finished, but it's still good reading. :)
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Over two years, i have been waiting, and now you are back! and with a great picture at that too x3
Stay awesome too =D Glad to see you here, even tough it is sad you won't finish up the comic! Keep on going strong! =D
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It's so good to see this and it fills me with this bittersweet ache. These twins cause so much trouble, honestly. 

I'm glad to see you too and I wanted to thank you for all the DMC artwork you made, they filled up some of my life with a great amount of joy and light. 
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Welcome back! 😄😄
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5 wrecked me too 4regdt

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i still prefer dante in DMC4. he is already old in that why do they have to make another game and make him even older.
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Ah, yes...  The Legendary Dead Weight, and the Mysterious Dead Weight.
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WELCOME BACK!!! Where have you been girl?!!!
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Great to see you back and you aced this. Hope to see you do more DMC art down the line.
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Karaii it's good to have u back
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Glad to hear you again 
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kinda funny how u predicted part of the future with Vergil coming back the way he did...a remnant of his former self.

Also Vergil is worse father. Just saying
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It is nice to see some of your art again, as well as to see you are doing well (by the sounds of it). While I had hoped to see how the comic would end, I am also content/happy with how they did DMC5. So, I can understand your reasoning there. Good luck to you in your endeavors! 
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