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DMC - Vergil p.324-327

>: D!!

Nelo Angelo's sword can be split into two now, for speed-based attacks more suited to a non-corrupt Vergil. He's also got his trusty Summoned Swords ability to rain hellfire down on all these pesky nonbelievers.

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Storm Status: Approaching.
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Waw ! I'm glad to see someone who likes Devil May Cry as I do, even many years after DMC 4 !
Seriously did you really begin drawing this in 2009 ?!!  It's amazing to have this motivation !

 I hope Hideaki Itsuno's new game is DMC 5... for all the fans who are still waiting ^^

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Really? Really You Stupid Ass Demons You Think Vergil Is A Puppet Of Dante? Boy Little Do You Know First Dante Would Never Do That Second Vergil Doesn't Take Shit And He Is A Son Of Sparda He Follows No One
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Getting Dual Swords? Like Dante in his DMC2 Desperado Devil Trigger has Dual Blades in his Arm? Sorry, I just can't stop finding all those similiarities and wondering if they are on purpose or not ;D
I know you already told me once that you made the armor and DT of Vergil look like DMC2 Dantes DDT on purpose, and make it somewhat tie in with one of your theorys and one of your earlier comics, but still...
Maybe I am just looking too much into things! Maybe your comic is so good that I want to see some connections and hidden details that are probably only coincidental... or not ;D
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Definitely intentional! ;D I'm glad you caught it!
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HAHA yeeep.
Or, as I like to call it: Karaii wants to show off Vergil's powers and also describe the tense situation the underworld is in but is too lazy to draw 20 pages of carefully scripted dialogue for it so they decided to cram it all into 4 terribly paced pages that somewhat get the same point across XDDD
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Damn i love this scenery,this is indeed very powerful.Nod  Plus Vergil is putting the past behind,both his and of this demon realm.
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Ooo! I wish the games had a dual wielding Vergil available! I give this fight a Stylish rank XD
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Lol, Vergil really shut them up for good. XD
He's so badass~😆

But, seeing how the story is going until now....
It seems that Dante will find a way to seal his power and give it to vergie (so vergie can become a proper king), seal temen ni gru and go back to his fams/buds (and copy vergil probably will follow him).....but if that happens.....vergie will be all alone in hell rite?

Somehow, thinking about it makes it feels kind of lonely and sad.....😢
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This whole thing is just beautiful, so much glowing!
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Dante: So... What happened?
Vergil: I killed them.
Dante: You're supposed to do it?
Vergil: ...Yeah.

Me: No. But that was aweasome, so... I'll let it.
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When the demons respawn.
Vergil: Now what did we learn?
Demons: Don't F*** with the prince?
Vergil: Close enough.
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Sums up what he's doing, I guess.
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Best Comment!
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really love the bg colors
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Whoa, that is badass..... B-) (Cool) 
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Vergil is kicking all sorts of demon ass. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. PROVE WHO'S BOSS VERGIL!

Thank you for bringing this amazingness to us!
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