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DMC - Vergil p.320-323

How else but leaving would a copy like Trish assert her individuality? Being the mirror image of Dante's mother must have been stifling for them both those first few months... but the patience of time and experience mellowed them both into the close friends you see now.

Trish understands Dante and his cyclical depression in a way not even Lady can, and Dante knows where Trish comes from and what steps she's taken to forge her own sense of self. They mutually respect each other and support each other's decisions even if they may not initially agree with them. I like to think of them as each other's best friend, with the teasing camaraderie of siblings and the closeness of on-and-off lovers, but that's just my interpretation :)

Meanwhile, Vergil's demon form appears to have...matured. Next strip we'll get to see him in action, kicking proper ass >: D

(What's this about Dante not showing up to do his kingly duties? I wonder what Dante is doing while Vergil does all the leg work... running the underworld is hard business!)

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Following my HC, Trish stays with Dante for a couple of years after DMC1 and then leaves for a year or so. She arrives back into Dante's life semi-permanently during the DMC anime (episode 4, if I'm not misremembering -- Lady does indeed attempt to kill Trish during this episode before realizing she's Dante's former partner and becomes gal pals with her. *DMC1 Dante voice* If you know what I mean.)
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I ship Lady and Gilver so hard right now XD
Lady ? Or did you mean Trish ?
Ariakas-DV's avatar
Trish!!! sorry... i was sleepy XD
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WOOOW the reference to DmC! I love it! :D
Silverteamx's avatar
Well, I like how you make how Trish lives Devil Never Cry and how Dante changes the name again
Rune33's avatar
wow Vergil The Real Vergil you really have changed For the better Dante wants you to do that. Dante Is Dante he may act like a moron but we all know that he is very intelligent and quite powerful as we all seen first hand and has a good heart that i think is another reason trish likes him it's cause he can see pass the whole thing like Trish being made in his mother's image
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I will admit, even though I am still not a fan of DmC, I still liked Vergil's outfit design. :3
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-shrieks forever-
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uargh fuck girl look at all this character development.
Just gunna lay here and sob about it.
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Thank you Sal! :D I keep worrying about doing too many info-dump sessions in too few panels but at this point I'm just like ehhh, fuck it, I can't spend 9000 hours drawing anymore, gotta keep everything as concise as humanly possible XDD
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You've been at this comic for such a long time and trying to cram as much as possible ina short space is needed but the layouts your set out work super good <3
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YAY!:happybounce:  Before i read this,there was barely someone to interpret the life of a doppelganger in DMC,in this case Trish and now Gilver. This is very interesting,you opened Trish's character and with that it will also help the new character in the story that had the same faith to be created. I like how this is going too. Looking forward to it.:D (Big Grin) 
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I'm so happy you like my take on Trish! I LOVE the idea of doppelgangers, and what their psychology may be, given self-awareness of their own lack of individuality :heart: I hope you continue to enjoy the comic!
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Exactly what i meant.Nod  Yes you continue and i am all yours truly fan till the end of it.:D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
MMMmmmmm... yessss, more. MORE! 

Also thanks. 
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:w00t: Thank you for reading!
elsa-the-immortal1's avatar
No respect for Queen Vergil... Can't wait to see Vergil kick ass!
karaii's avatar
HAHAHA! Poor Queenie XDD
The next 4 pages are finally up, I hope you enjoy them! :D
DanteVergilLoverAR's avatar
Man, this just gets more interesting the more it updates! >w<
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:excited: I'm glad you think so! I hope you continue to enjoy the comic~!
DanteVergilLoverAR's avatar
Oh, I always enjoy every update that you do for this series. Been following it since the beginning :D
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YAY for ass kicking!
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:w00t: !
New pages are up, I hope you enjoy them! >w<
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