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DMC - Vergil p.316-319

Nero and Lady are researching in Fortuna, and are met up by Kyrie, who seems... a little different, as a consequence of losing her Holy powers.

Meanwhile, Trish is trying to teach Gilver how to be an individual! And...uh...failing?

Tune in next time to find out what Vergil and Dante have been up to in Hell OwO

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Yes, Nero and Kyrie are wearing some of their concept artwork! Gilver is wearing what Vergil from DmC: Devil May Cry wears :V
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I wonder how Mundus can create a copy of Dante mom and Vergil?
Silverteamx's avatar
I love this little reference to Vergil's Nephilim Costume
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Hey Karaii quick question. Back in Pg. 209-212, Trish mentioned that Kyrie giving up her holiness would possibly have some other side of effects then just losing her ability to make holy water or shrug off tragedy more easily. Is her new personality an effect of the change and if it is, will it be a permanent one or just a kind of side effect that would wear off in time?
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The personality change is definitely a side effect! Whether it's permanent or not depends on a lot of things.

I like to think of "losing her holy powers" akin to experiencing a traumatic event. A possible side effect of suffering a traumatic event IS a personality change, simply because you become more withdrawn, more caustic, more wary. But you can grow to be kind again, if time and circumstance allows it, even if maybe just never as naive.
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lol clone vergil has DmC Reboot vergil coat! cool! i don't like reboot but i loved his outfit in it
KawaiiNekoRose's avatar
Damn, it's been a while since I re-logged into DA for a while, but I'm kind of glad now since there are more than one page for me to read and catch up on. xD And awe to Gilver. :3
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Gilly achieved brutality... in words.
DarkSlayer2008's avatar
you know, I like how 'copies' interact with each other.
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Thank you! I had fun exploring this angle to Trish and to Gilver :3
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Vergil costume.....*sigh* i see you liked reboot DmC and new-Vergil..... Well, to each his own! No offense! Tails Wink  (sorry for my English ^^'') 
karaii's avatar
No offense taken! I'm not terribly fond of the reboot myself, but I figure if I'm laying easter eggs from all the original games and the anime, as well as the novels, I might as well throw a bone to the fans of DmC too :3
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About the novel.... you were lucky enough to read Volume 2?…
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Aye, I own a translated copy :)
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So glad I saw this before attempting (and possibly failing) to go to sleep!!! (Good to see you're back by the way!) Love that end were Trish is trying to get deep! :D Like the Kyrie transformation too!
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Oh it's so great to finally be able to read your comic. I missed it so much and after today it really is a good feeling to read it :D

As always, I love your drawing style and how you show then different characters (Gilver's just soo~ cute <3 :D)
Welcome back, karaii <3 :hug:
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I'm glad you're enjoying the comic! :D I'm glad to be back~
Kuraiko-chan349's avatar
Your Comic is great and welcome back karaii :D
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH, !)*(&@!!! You're back! I've missed you a lot, karaii!!! (You now that your name means "Fuck" in porytuguese, don't you? *laugh hard*)
karaii's avatar
hahaha, really?! i named myself karaii after the mexican expression "ah caray" hehe, how do you spell that in portuguese?
RuivaS2's avatar
It's similar as the "ay caray", but migth be "caralho" or "carai" 
Really, brazilians must be studied by the nasa. 
Welp, you're mexican?
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yep! 100% mexican :>
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Oooooooh, that's really cool *u* Oh, I always wanted one reader from another country, so... Would you mind read my history? I was planning to write them at the Deviant Art, in english, but I don't know if it's the same thing as Portuguese (*I am talking too much?*)
Sooo... Here:
It's from a A.U. of DMC, I made it on a history where Dante have a daughter (Crystal Sparda... My name... Or not.) and a part of her it's bad and shadows. It can have a form and looks like a doppleganger, but isn't. And it's the "Bad Crystal" who's talking with Dante.

I hope that you can read it....... :)
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YOU ARE BACK! YOU ARE BAAAACK ^W^ Missed ya so much x3

hope everything is now alright for you =D
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