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DMC - Vergil p.308-311

Vergil-copy's official name is now Gilver! Thank you for voting! :D I'll phase it into the comic when it becomes appropriate~

Now... I wonder what spell Dante is referring to?

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YAY! I'm soooo happy now!!
KawaiiNekoRose's avatar
Yay for update! >w< And Yay to Copy-Vergil's name being officially Gilver! :D
DmCLilianAstaroth's avatar
Such a cliffhanger! Can't wait for the next update, Karaii
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I think i know what spell he wants it will be a spell that will help dante basically be able to no longer be the new king of hell and give that to vergil or at least maybe a spell to make hell literally useless and allow both dante and vergil to return to the human world cause i am sure Sparda had some spells like that in case something like this happened/
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I love Dante and Vergil! There just ahfirndkwnsyqgsvdkxodbwlahagafskdndhd!
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Hmmm... so many spell ideas! My mind is melting! Andraste, preserve me! This story is one of the best things in existence!
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i know right! and just immagine what they could cast with a limitless supply of demonic energy *_*
Dude they need to make your a fucking game already. I'm almost positive the reason they haven't made dmc5 yet is because, they're patiently waiting for you to finish your story and then they're gonna ask you to use it for the fifth and final game. It'd be awesome to play your story on the flat screen.
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Damn right Panda... Damn right.
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What kind of spell? Tune in next Monday to find out.
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your updates are seriously worth the wait and you might have already heard of this a lot but this is a very nice take on a (possibly) shelved series
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Woo, Gilver won. ;)

This is so freaking awesome. I know I say that a lot, but it's super true. Bless you for drawing this. :icontearsofjoyplz:

I would love to see a spinoff of Gilver and Doppleganger; that would be hilarious. :D
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Thank you so much! :D :la:
IvoryTears's avatar
You're very welcome. :)
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Somebody give me a tissue bcuz this is just making me crying out tears of joy ;0;

I like it how the copy's name is now Gilver ^^

Looking forward for your new chapter !
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:love: Thank you! *hands tissues over*
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The story is getting more interesting great job
karaii's avatar
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Wow! the expression, the tension, the excitement was awesome! Especially the fiery glow in hell which surrounded the twins gave them an unearthly aura. :love:. Well done. :clap::clap::clap:. About the spell... Something Sparda used millennia ago! Now, don't tell me Temin-Ni-Gru is gonna jut out of the ground again? Stoned   
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Thank you! :D

As for Temen-Ni-Gru.. i wonder 8DDDD
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Geez, now I want to know what that spell is
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