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DMC - Vergil p.305-307

So that's how that went down...!

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Vergil-copy's line of "What incredible power" is a nod to Trish's line in DMC1, when witnessing Dante defeat the Phantom.
Doppelganger and Vergil-copy's fondness of chocolate sundaes is a reference to Dante's flashback in DMC1, when he and Vergil fight over a chocolate their mother offers them on their birthday.
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Dark is a Double Ganger make from Dante, like Zed in League of Legends those d:
MQ-Killer's avatar
Dark is just adorable. Nice backgrond humor. Great job! :thumbsup: I can't wait for the next pages.
I dont recall the fight for a chocolate.
Keep up the good work! :D
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Here's the fight for a chocolate: :D
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Lol Nero rejecting the shippers XD
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Momentarily post-poned cause I have midterms to study for uwu
You can cast your vote for what name you want Vergil-copy to be called by here!
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Hey how about this for an idea, when Copy-Vergil goes back to the demon world he has a gun in his hand. He then tells Dante that he had a private message from Lady, before shooting Dante in the head with the gun?
TheJumper201's avatar
That would be comic gold! Make it happen Karaii! (No pressure though 😊)
Crimson-Hybrid's avatar
Dante, never change. Always wear that human heart on your sleeve. And Vergil's improving -- he actually listened to his brother. :D

Aaaaand, I'm all caught up.

*glances at the clock and it's 11:32am. Been awake since 7am yesterday.*


Anyhow, jokes aside, you still never fail to deliver, karaii. I really wish this was a canon or something. It's a wonderful and magnificent ending to the whole series. Can't wait to see more! :)
The-Cutie-Kitsune's avatar
I wanna cuddle with Dark Dante....snuggy sob 
DantellaCosplay's avatar
Im loving Dark so much than before xDDD such a lovely creature[Table Smacks x11] 
shadowaya4ever's avatar
This part of the comic made me laugh so hard! :rofl: I love it!
karaii's avatar
:XD:! Glad you enjoyed it!
pjohootkc's avatar
Wow, DoppelDante is very cute. Poor Nero.
I can't wait until Oct. 10! Keep up the good work :D
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I love Nero's face when Dante kisses him Llama Emoji-01 (Laughing) [V1] 
IvoryTears's avatar
Okay, Dark is a sweetheart. 😍 Lol

Nero's reaction happening in the background made me crack up.

This is great. :D
karaii's avatar
Ahaha! I'm glad you liked it! :heart: Dark's really fun to draw XD
SmugglerEllie's avatar
Despite of made out of dark energy, doppelganger is like the little ball of a sunshine of this comic XD

I wonder if they return successfully Dante will assign copy-Vergil as the messenger between human and demon realms. By time copy might get his own name too, like Trish instead of copy-Eva. Does anyone suggesting names? I vote for Gilver. :D
karaii's avatar
Hee! I'm glad you think so~ <3

And yeah! That was the idea 8D copy-Vergil has the same blood as Vergil, so he can traverse the barrier freely. And he's loyal to Dante and his cause so he won't harm humans and is interested in keeping Dante's family okay.

I'm actually gonna run a poll to see what people want the copy to be called! I'll take Gilver in mind cause I like that, too :heart:
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