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DMC - Vergil p.302-304

....Not the guy you were thinking of, hehe. Also, yeah, the chocolate sundaes were for Doppelganger :XD:

So wait, what?! Dante's now the King of Hell? And Vergil...isn't? But he wants to be... guess we'll have to stay tuned!!

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Okay, explanation time cause everyone loves backseat exposition, right?! (..right?)

This here is a Vergil-copy Mundus created. He's not the Vergil you've been seeing up until now. You can call him an OC, really. For those keeping track of this ridiculously extended headcanon universe, he's the co-protagonist of my alternate-ending never-drawn Hell Side comic. He was originally created to lead Dante into Hell, but for reasons that will be explained later, Vergil-copy is now loyal to Dante.

I know, I know, it's a drag to be introducing so many new characters so late in the game. I guess this game'll go on for a little bit longer 8D
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XD For some reason, I had a feeling this was the case when Trish said, (terribly) paraphrased,

"It's not like Dante's willingly giving demons his blood."

And that particular demon did say 'The King sends his regards'. Ha ha!
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I like how Doppelganger has a shake with him.

I can imagine like "I'm sorry, we had to get him a McDonald's on the way here."
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Heee, pretty much XDDD
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"Originally created to lead Dante to Hell" *Gasp* Unrelated, this also makes me think of Virgil's service in the divine comedy. Is this.... An unintended reference by any chance? *puppy eyes activated!*
Keep up the good work and also take it easy. Medical school is no joke.
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Very intended reference, actually XDD Hell Side was to be a rather obvious nod to the Divine Comedy, not just in "Vergil guiding Dante into Hell" but also in the sense that Dante would have to face his past through the lenses of the deadly sins, with physical visions of the deceased people he'd loved, killed or seen die. :heart: Glad you caught that!
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Lmao, Doppelganger is too cute enjoying that drink.
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Doppelganger's so much fun to draw :XD:
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So much win! (And two Vergil's eh? :iconeyebrowplz: ).

Love the doppelgänger's expressions, especially the last panel. :D
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You're very welcome! :D
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love dark dantes expression in the bottom panel!!! xD
karaii's avatar
Hee, thank you! :heart:
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Is it wrong I basically imagine Vergil right about to deal the killing blow, just as Dante vaults over his head and runs Mundus through with Rebellion, tongue sticking out like Michael Jordan?

Vergil: Dante! WTF!?! That was my kill!
Dante: Didn't see your name on him bro.
Demons: The king is dead. Long live the king. Long live King Dante!
Dante: Long live king what now?
Vergil: Oh now you've done it.
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That is absolutely how it went down XDDDDD
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My fragile heart cannot go one! You've finally done it Karaii! You've ended me. I think I've fainted. 
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And so the plot thickens XD...
I'm loving it!
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I really like and respected your AU version of this :D

Can't wait foe your next update !
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Thank you! I'm glad you liked the plot twist~! :la:
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What! Dante Would Never Do That! Why The Hell Would He Become The Very Thing That Basically Killed His Mother Same For Vergil...I....Just Don't Know Anymore
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Maybe it didn't come across too well, but Dante didn't WANT to become the King of Hell. The demons crowned him because he defeated the previous king (Mundus) and is the strongest of them all. It's a title he doesn't want at all -- he wants to give it to Vergil. But it is not so simple. You can't just point and someone and say "You're the king now!" You have to be the strongest, respected by all demon-kind, for them to acknowledge you as king. Otherwise it'll just be endless rebellion that won't get anywhere.
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True Well And If Anyone Can Equally Match Dante It's Vergil And I See Vergil Despite His Cold Attitude Doing The Best He Can To Keep Dante And Humanity Safe Especially after The Rift He cause Between Him And Dante I Know That Is Why He Tried to Prevent Dante From going with Him To Fight Mundus At First cause In My Head Vergil Regrets His Actions And Only wanted His Family Back But By Doing So He Tore That Apart. dante Better Get His Ass Back In The Human World Or Else lady Will Come And Make Him Lol
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Well, they defeated Mundus together didn't they? So technically kingship could belong to them both? Unless you have something else up your sleeve karaii..? (STARING INTENSIFIES) Lol I am totally loving this :D (Big Grin) 
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