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DMC - Vergil p.299-301

Hey, I know this guy!

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Holy shit I can't believe I hit page 300 @ u @;;

In other news, this is Patty Lowell, the kid that hangs around Dante's office in the anime. This comic is set more than 10 years since the anime, so Patty's college age now. If you are an astute reader, you maybe remember Trish mentioned Patty picking a graduation dress two hundred pages ago, lmao. I like to think her and Trish get along really well, because they're pretty much the same age existence-wise.

Trish was created right around the time DMC3 ended (in my HC, she is created in the epilogue to ensare Vergil to Mundus' side) so technically she's like, 20 years old in DMC4. That makes her about 10 years old in DMC1 (when Dante's 28). Makes you really think, huh?
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How can Vergil get back from the hell?! Where is Dante?
Ooooh Patty, que genial la dibujaste ^_^ Creció mucho :o
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Gracias! :D Y sii, ya fueron como 10 años desde el anime, según mi headcanon jeje entonces ya está grande :D
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Ahhh I need more! 
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Aaaaa , i can't wait for the next update cuz i've read it of of this T-T)
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New update is up! :heart:
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I think Dante is just fine he's just having too much fun in hell killing demons.
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omg what?! what is going on?!? O_O 
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I wasn't expecting vergil to pop out. Onion Boy 6 
Aw crap, I didn't see that one coming.
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knew it was vergil. dante likes strawberry
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Karaii, this is amazing but...WHY YOU DO THIS TO US!!!! TTATT

Ahem, drama aside, I look forwards to the next installment with popcorn at the ready :D
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Change the the word black in acdc song back in black to blue that's the theam virgel gets when he walks through those doors in is old outfit
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