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DMC - Vergil p.230-232


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angel-ultimate's avatar
My god Dante's face XD
Avalanchely's avatar
Dante looks so happy that Vergil go along with him :XD:
PegaGamer's avatar
Dante looks so proud! XD Oh my god!
pjohootkc's avatar
Dante's face made my day.
You should do a ninja gaiden x devil may cry crossover comic considering the fact that Ryu Hayabusa and Dante fought demons (though Ryu fought enemy ninja as well.) just giving you some ideas in the future.
Is it me or does the look on Dante's face look hilarious.
skakdi's avatar
let's rock baby!B-) (Cool) 
IvoryTears's avatar
Nero and Trish being badass, per usual. ;)

And I loved Dante's panel where he's totally stricken over Verg, anime eyes included. :iconhearteyesplz:

I can't wait to see Lady in on the action either. ;D
CoolCourtney's avatar
Omg Dante's face :laughing:
And Vergil being so brave :aww:
ShiroiYamiAlive's avatar
DANTE'S EXPRESSION GOD he went full anime and it was glorious
TNE90's avatar
AHHHH im dying just RIP me. Glorious as always keep up the good work. -flops around -
KawaiiNekoRose's avatar
Awe, Dante's face towards Vergil after Vergil made that comeback. XD It's adorable.  But time to kick some Mundus ass the Stylish way! :D
elsa-the-immortal1's avatar
Squee!! I love Dante's face! He's sooo fangirling over Vergil!
Harleypool's avatar
Good gods, Dante! Love it.
QrowFinis's avatar
La cara de dante XDDD
LeonSKenne's avatar
esta mortal ahhh estoy como dante con mi cara teh eres el mejor hermano de todo el jodido mundo mientras dices eso
LadyTheWarrior's avatar
YES VERGIL! That's the spirit my boy go and slay them all father is so proud of you baby!!!!!
Dante in the second panel looks like a little fangirl lol 
naotalie's avatar
Holy cows! I love the sparkles and Dante's face in the second panel! Can't stop the giggles ;D
dagongirl14's avatar
Dante's face (and sparkles) is just full of hilarious win. I keep snickering whenever I go back and look at it xD
spazapho's avatar
OMG Dante's face in panel 2 is hilarious.
BlueFireWolfStar's avatar
Amazing! :)
Oh god! Dante's face! :rofl:
Vee-ika's avatar
Oh goodness Dante's excited face was so precious
Also Trish raised a good point there! That's something I'd never thought about : D
Raven-Firewind's avatar
Lol! Dante's face in the second panel. :D I get the impression he is pleasantly surprised by Vergil's swearing.

This is going to be one hell of a fight. As always, I love the facial expressions, and the dialogue. Your work gets better with every page. :aww:
LuxUmbrash's avatar
xDDD Dante has turned into a fan for his brother. 
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