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DMC - Vergil p.221-225

Now, the real showdown begins.

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About time we saw Mundus again after all the forgettable and god-wanabes vilains of all the other games (Arius, Arkham and Sanctus).
Speaking of Mundus...
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Clap  D and V's expressions when they realise Mundus is there. It's like they've been caught red handed doing something they shouldn't. XD
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LOL! Caught with the hands in the cookie jar XD
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Jfc those facial expressions are amazing
Deidrax's avatar
 i'm god i am the master of the universe i'm Mundus
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o damn!!! dante and vergil are the trouble noww
Damn, looks like all hell broke lose literally.
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Although Vergil seem a lot more nervous than usual. I guess that makes sense considering that his demonic powers are still weak and his former captor is right in front of him.
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I can't wait!! I'm so excited and happy I just can't hide it!! xD love you soo much for making this!!
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;^; Seeing Vergil's facial expression as soon as he sees Mundus makes me want to give him a hug. >x<
hey, really great read once again. its so cute to see vergil in a shock face. hehe :) also can ask something cuz its been bugging me for some time now. i want to ask if nero's origins would be revealed in your comic karaii, like whose son is he? or something?
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I'm glad you're enjoying the comic! :D

As for Nero's origins, no, I will not be getting into it in this comic, or probably in any comic. I've got a couple of theories as to who's kid Nero is, but whether he is Vergil's or one of Sparda's descendant's kids, it doesn't matter. All that matters in this comic is that he, too, has "Sparda"'s blood in him from someplace. The rest is irrelevant.

You are more than welcome to believe he is Vergil's kid, or, hell, you can believe he's Dante's. Whatever floats your boat will work with this comic! :3 I hope this answers your question~
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I love the attitude you bring in Dante's and Vergil's panel, especially Dante himself. I think everybody feels him when he said, "you ungrateful little shit" lol I love Vergil, but that guy needs a swift kick in the head at times.

So shit has hit the fan, eh? I can't wait until February. It'll be an early bday gift when you post it. ;)
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Reactions (at least the way I see them)

Dante and Vergil: "Shit this is bad."
Trish: "I didn't need this today"
I fear what happens next. I've read some of your other stories. Hope no one dies!

Amazing job Karaii! I have been following this story for over a month an I must tip my metaphorical hat to you. You are a true master! Clap :happybounce: I think I've fainted. Waaaah! Love 
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Mundus looks suspiciously similar to Sparda. I wonder what that means...
Vergil's "Oh shit" face is literally killing me XDDD
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Dang... Boss fight START!
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Yuriski's avatar least they don't have to go look for him.
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