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DMC - Those days

...when you just feel like hugging someone and forgetting all the past shit they've done?

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I love the coloring technique you did here, nice job! You capture the pose perfectly!
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ALL THE FEELS. I wish this would become canon! Sighhh. Gorgeous picture!
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This kind of artwork always make me sad. It's awesome, and so beautiful color but the emotion it invoke from me. I love Dante, however, his relationship with people is some I wish to improve. I wish that he could spend more time with his brother, I wish that his mother did not die, I wish that his father is still around, I wish that Dante have someone for himself that won't go away, and I wish that he have his family together, alive. Anyways, I'm ranting, so on with the review. Amazing artwork, very DMC, thought Dante and Vergil will never stand being that close together, let hug alone. However, you get points for making so very close to the real thing.
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Yeah, I get that feeling too ;__; Dante's like has been so unfair for so long, it's kinda painful D: Luckily for him by the end of DMC4 he has somewhat of a family again, and they get along (if a bit chaotically haha) (':

Thank you!
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Lol Vergil here reminds me of Godot in the Ace Attorney series. I think its the teal shirt/brown waistcoat combo :)
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Haha! 8D Godot is freaking hot <3
I wish I could play that game! ;;
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o.O the beard is white when in the game is black.....and it had a line, both of them, on the nose but...I love it though *¬*
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Yeah, they had to make it a dark gray so it would be visible even from afar hahahaha XDD
Thank you <3
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I love the sketchy/messy-yet-neat-and-thought-out...ness. (lolwut?)
Vergil looks so sad... =( But that's what the bro hug's for!!
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Thank you very much! :D
And yup! That's what bros are for ;3
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Now, rub your stubble against the back of his neck >D
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Just to see what he'd do <3
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So I clearly don't get on DA as often as I'd like, but trust me when I say if there was a way I could collectively fave all your DMC/Final Fantasy art, I totaly would. I guess that's what deviantwatch is for, lol.

I lovelovelove Dante/Vergil pics like these, but it also makes me sad too, poor Vergil, he's been through so much. :(
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XD! Thank you so much <3 I'm really happy you like my stuff!

Yeah... poor Verge ;_; I'm always saddened by how terrible his life was, and how it never really got better for him D:>
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I want a Dante hug *A*....
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Me toooo ;A; -runs over to Dante and snuggles inbetween- :XD:
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Awww so cute :3 Love how they look
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Your very welcome :3
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D'awwww so full of cute. I just want to bring these two home for some reason ;3;!!
And I also love the whole sketchy look to this! *___*
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