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Really.  Only the best of dogs would put up with me asking him to jump over the same two branches six or seven times.  All for an action shot. Honestly, if anyone had asked me to do something that inane, I would not have put up with it.  But he did it, again and again, just because I asked him.  
Is this the best dog in the world or what?

Look at the concentration on his face, the effort he's putting himself through, all for his owner.  *sniff*  It's enough to bring a tear to one's eye it is.  Sure, he'll never be one of those lean, quick and muscled police dogs;  he'll never be more than an overly-pampered housepet.

I wouldn't change a single thing about him though, not for the Littlest Hobo, Rin Tin Tin or the most decorated dog in any service.  He'll always just be my Diefenbaker.
Ever have one of those days when you *know* someone is out to get you?
I'm not talking about anyone mortal, mind.  I'm talking about the *true* 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named'. (Looks about fearfully and whispers.)

The sadistic S.O.B is out to get me today. And it all started at *5:30AM* this morning when the guy upstairs started tap-dancing with wooden clogs; well, it sounded like he was.  Only that sadist 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' really knows what the guy was doing.  Not only that, he didn't stop until nearly 9, by which it was far too late and far too bright to even consider the attempt to crawl back into bed.

Later, while walking the dog I manage to *barely* avoid the ginormous turd pile some thoughtless, lazy, irresponsible dog owner left in the middle of the lawn.  That, apparently, was a mistake because 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' was out to get me. For not even two minutes later I tripped.  On asphalt. My right knee and left hand are now sporting large bandages.  My right wrist is unpleasantly sore, so no drawing for me today.  The pants I was wearing now have several large rips and tears.

Now let's take into consideration all of the above happened *before* noon.  No way am I leaving this apartment for the rest of the day.
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Boy, I haven't drawn this much in a while. And heaven forbid it be anything original, no, it's Penguins of Madagascar fanart.  Well, it's more like 'Otters of Madagascar', seeing as I've only drawn one penguin and like ... four otter pictures.
Ah well, I'll enjoy the ride while it lasts.  And so should you.  Who knows when I'll get this inspired again?
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I got a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet!  EEEEEEE!  Finally!  I'm so happy!
*sniff sniff* I am so happy, but so sad at the same time.  I finally got the thing that will take me to the next level, but now I'm artistically blocked, I got nuthin', zip, zero, bupkiss!
But who CARES?! I got a Taaaablet!  I got a Taaaaablet!  *dancing*
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So I'm riding home from work on my bike and it's starting to drizzle.  I happen to glance up and I see the pidgeons acting like something is chasing them in the air.  as it turns out, there is!  I think to myself, 'Ooo the redtails are back!' and haul aft to my building which is just across the street because now I'm thinking 'if I hurry, I can grab my camera and finally get a better picture than…
So I'm inside all of 1 - 2 min, tops, I hurry outside and there he is still soaring.  I start zooming in really fast and I lose him in the view finder for half a second ... POOF!  The bugger's gone!
I'm cursed, I swear I'm cursed to never take a good picture of a wild, predatory bird!
Oh, it gets better. The short time I did see him, he didn't have a pale underbelly and he was HUGE!  I think it might've been an eagle!  
I Have the WORST luck!
So here I am, drawing better than I have in ... well ... *years* truth be told, and they're in a lined notebook.  And I don't have the experience or the know-how to remove *all* the blue lines.  Isn't that just a kick in the head?

I've got the Demon posted, with the cat, the dragon-ish head, the mutant gorilla head, the toon-ish walrus waiting in line for me to get around to them.  And truth be told, none of them (except maybe the cat head), is as good as the Demon.  That annoys me a little, but, perhaps, this is a sign that my style has changed and that I shouldn't try to force out things I want to draw (Audra, Dark Dragon).
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At least I've finished Wyldzerra's image, and I've got most of her personality figured out.
So here's Wyldzerra… Before… Now
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I'm trying to tweak my Dragon Legends Character Wyldzerra, in both image and personality.  For some reason I just couldn't connect with her as well as I connected with Dekaee, my main character.  I figure if I tweak her a little, put in a wee bit more of her dame (mother/Dekaee) body and temperament, I might be able to write her better.
I've almost got her head done, I just have to figure out markings.  Then it's on to her body shape and markings.

I'm also considering making a new watermark, as much as I like the bull terrier on I currently use, I find my style is changing a little so I feel I need a new mark to represent and protect it.
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I'm curious enough to try the idea mentioned by :iconblueravenfire: in her journal.  So here we go; I'll rifle through the galleries of the first fifteen people to reply to this journal and tell me they want me to display their work and pick three pictures that tickle my fancy.

EDIT:  Since I'm not a DA subscriber, only a member, I can't put images into my journal.  However I can make a text-link to my chosen images.

First up is :iconblueravenfire:, she's a really good artist who manages to blend the style of the American Dragon: Jake Long characters with her own drawing style very well.  :iconblueravenfire:'s has a much better sense of shading than I do.  Maybe I can convince her to do a collab with me, my lineart, her colouring and shading.  *hint, hint*
Gotta tell ya, picking these three was hard, but each one not only represents an aspect of Kim's art that I love, but also my fave of each aspect.

Picking my fave piece of AD:JL art was probably the hardest, but this one won out not only because this is my favourite character, but also because of the ... ambiance of the picture.  Dark, but the long windblown hair and billowing coat with the guitar really draws you in.
Heavy Metal Dark Dragon 2

This is a wonderful picture that, despite being black and white, gives  Godzilla (I prefer Gojira, rolls off the tongue better) more dimension with the awesome shading on his head.  T'was my fondness of very large lizards and Kim's display of shading prowess that led me to choose this one.
Godzilla in ballpoint

Y'know, in my head I have a character similar in nature to this one named Tiamat, Mother of all Dragons in Babylonian myth.  One day I may actually manage to work her into my art and drabbles with Audra.
What really draws me to this picture is the dynamic sense of action shown by Azure's sinuous body twisting through the air.  Even though the scanner messed up the colouring, the action alone makes it worth a look.
Azure, Dragon god of life

*UPDATE 10/03/07*

Next is :iconthat-bloody-penguin:, who has exactly three pieces of art, three stories and two photographs, both of which involve teachers.

Even though I've no idea who this character is, (though I'm fairly sure :iconthat-bloody-penguin:'s told me at least once I've totally forgotten)  it's very well done.  I've never played Severence, nor do I have the console needed for it, but looking at this guy, I almost want to try it.
Tier Anasazi

Tier Anasazi once again, just a closer shot of his head.  This pic's a little cleaner line wise, and more of the details are visible.  The edges of that huge halberd (I think that's the term) are straighter, the right arm tattoos are clearer, the torso and muscles of the left arm are more in proportion and that buckle going across the chest, while looking a little flat, is awesome in it's detail.
<a href+"that-bloody-penguin.deviantart…">Mug Shot

Ah, now this one.  I find action shots difficult (at best) to draw, that :iconthat-bloody-penguin: has copied it freehand and by eye from the screen shows that this aspiring artist has loads of potential.  Despite his claims about reflections in the water, he actually did a fairly accurate job.  Water reflections can be tricky and I find that quick, simple, wavy lines often does the job better than going for intricate detail.
Oasis of Njeb: Water Battle
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The picture of doom, of monolithic proportions (for me anyway), is done!  It took many headaches, a very sore back and 30 total hours of labor, but I've finally finished!
I really, really like how Audra's scales turned out, one of my better accomplishments; well, that and Dark Dragons' highlights.  Granted I may have overdone it a little, but I'm still learning.
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Okay, picture this.  All my Audra drawings thus far were sketched on paper that's roughly 5 1/2" by about 4 1/5", scales included.  Now picture piece of paper that's 8 by 11; imagine, if you will, Audra and Dark Dragon taking up most of said piece of paper.  You're thinking, 'That's going to take a while to colour', and you'd be right.  As of right now I just finished my fifth hour.   Here's the kicker, I didn't rough in the scales on the paper before I scanned it.
So essentially, I'm doing the scales on the computer, one by one, and I've only got a 3/4 of Audra's neck done.  (I think I'll be starting from scratch tomorrow considering how unhappy I am with it currently.  *shudder*)
So lets all raise our glasses of overly sugary frozen punch to five hours down the drain.
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Okay, I caved.  I went to the store with the intention of buying a graffiti pad but much to my dismay, the cheapest one was, like $400 plus tax.  No matter how badly I want one, I'm not going to shell out that kind of cash.  
So I went for the next best thing, I got an optical, wireless mouse.  Well, you can see the result for yourself in my pic 'You Would Defy Me ...?'… .
I'm a much happier artist ...
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Grrrr, my mouse has made it all but impossible to work on my drawings on the computer!  It's balky and sticky and ..... Aaauuuuugh!!!  
I'm going to clean out the ball and rollers tomorrow, when I'm less likely to  .... what's the word ... Defenestrate? (That's the one that means to toss out the window, right?)
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I really can't get over how well the wyvern turned out!  So I'm going to draw and submit another pic of her with another dragon (her main squeeze.  maybe.  haven't decided) and hope with all my might she turns out that well again.
I'm working on a couple of animated GIFs of my RP chars on Dragon Legends… ,  I've got one character done but since I know I can do better I'm gonna redo him.
Right now I'm scanning in pencil drawings to colour and animate of a different character, if she turns out even half as good as i hope she does ...
I'm still flipping through older art books and looking at my work so I can post them. but I've been looking at more recent artwork and I gotta say i have improved a fair deal over the last year or so.  I have a better sense of proprtions now, and while that doesn't help me in drawing some parts of anatomy (hands and feet mainly), it makes it look more accurate.
Yes, the Hermit crab, generally viewed as a 'throw-away' pet.  It's not!  In fact, it shouldn't be a pet at all!
In my three months of owning 4 crabs, one of which has died :'(  :tombstone:, I have learned the following about these crustaceans.

1: Hermit crabs are taken from the wild and sold to pets stores because very few scientists and biologists can breed them in captivity :hump:.
2: They're high maintenence, don't let anyone tell you otherwise :whisper:!
3: It's damned hard finding any credible and accurate information on them as pets :pissedoff:!  And this tells me they were never meant to be pets.

Sorry, needed to vent.