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Pop Art HK-47



"Revan! There you are!" Mission's flickering image exclaimed happily. "Do you have any idea how hard it was to track you down?"

"Well that was the idea," Revan replied, adjusting the holo's reception in her private booth. "We are on vacation."

"Right, right," Mission said, leaning forward to peer at her closer, "Wow! That's a Harry Winstar you're wearing, isn't it?"

The Twi'lek had an amazing eye for detail. Revan pulled back her long auburn hair to show off the diamond oval drop necklace which sparkled on her neck, balancing the plunging neckline of her black evening gown. "Yes. A present from Canderous."

"Ooooh," Mission gushed, "It's beautiful! How is the big brute anyway?"

Revan looked across the casino to where Canderous had taken over her hand at one of the gambling tables. He was waving his fist and arguing with two Devaronians at the table. Despite being in a suit, he was still intimidating the other players. "Oh you know, the same." She looked back to Mission, "So you were calling because...?"

"I wanted to be the first to approach you now that you are the hottest celebrity of the KOTOR world--"

"What? Did you just say hottest celebrity? Are you kidding? Shouldn't you be calling the Exile? What could top her adult holovid, A Night in Exile?"

Mission grinned, "No, no. You remember that multi-colour painting of HK-47?"


"Read this," Mission said, transmitting a news article.

Revan reached for a complimentary drink of water as she began to read.

The highlight of the auction was a repeating pattern portrait of an assassin droid, titled HK-47, by Jedi Revan. The painting generated a lot of pre-sale attention and the presence of the portrait's model sparked competitive bidding between the comm-buyers and the floor. The painting finally sold to a private collector for 1.8 million credits, considerably higher than the 25,000 credit pre-sale estimate.

Revan spit out the water as she read the final sale amount. "One...point...eight...million?" she managed to gasp.

"I hear HK was, ah, motivating the bidders during the auction."

"You mean he was threatening them?"

"A little threatening, a lotta self-promotion," Mission shrugged. "So, you got any more paintings you want to sell? I want in on this, I'm sure I could arrange even better terms, better auction houses!"

"The paintings were just for fun, nothing serious!"

"Who cares? If they fetch top credits, that's all that matters. So do we have a deal?"

"Uh sure, Mission. I'll call you. After my vacation."


This is after Warhol obviously, but the specific colour combination was something I found in Michael Patrick’s Cats of the Masters. This was my first picture after buying my tablet last year.
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Motherfucking AWESOME!!! :D