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Lord Milori

Oh my gosh!!! He is finally finished! This was some kind of work. The first problem was finding a male doll that hat movable arms and hair that I could remove. Let me tell you the costume was finished shortly after I uploaded my Clarion …. which means it was finishes in early December 2014. It took me some time, planning the costume was interesting and took a lot of sketches to get the leaf-outfit right. After that it was finding the right hair color. The one I used is not perfect (cause the one I originally wanted was sold out) but that color is ok. So this is also my first rerooted dool - oh my  gosh this took me months! I admire those who do this often. I do not know when I will reroot a doll again. Then I had the problem of finding the perfect skin tone. But I found it (after some time) and since I had to spray it outside I had to wait until winter was over. And finally the repainting …. I have to tell you I am not satisfied with the result. He doesn’t look like Milori at all. I definitively need repainting lessons. But well he is finished for now and this is the best I can do right now. I had to be careful because I could not remove the painting and do it again then the skin color would have come off too, and I did not want this. He is without the elf ears, too. Maybe some time later (much later) I will create some and apply them, maybe.

But I am happy that he is finally finished (I think this is the first Milori doll at all) and my Clarion is no longer alone. I will upload a picture of both of them later. And I plan on making a box for both of them (someday). Anyway I hope you like him.

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I've been trying to pattern up an adult size Milori costume. Is there any chance that you have a pattern of that doll outfit? I could then scale up and make adjustments. Fingers crossed you sell patterns or the outfits themselves.

Do you do Commisions?
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I am sorry but no I do not take commissions.
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awwww, woooooow *___* wieder so eine wundervolle kreation von dir! *_*
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Ich danke dir. :) (Smile) 
Auch wenn ich das Gesicht lieber noch mal neu malen würde wenn ich wüsste das ichs besser hinbekommen würde.
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männer sind aber auch immer mega schwer, find ich. =/
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Oh wem sagst du das.
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den ganzen männer puppen, die ich noch machen will. xD
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Oh na da bin ich aber gespannt ^^
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Ich finde er sieht trotzdem schon mal sehr gut aus :) Ich finde, er schaut aus, wie ne jüngere Version, vllt aus der Zeit, kurz nachdem er sich den Flügel verletzt hatte ... Auf jeden Fall wieder eine tolle Arbeit. Und ich freu mich für dich, dass du ihn endlich fertig bekommen hast ;)
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Ich danke dir ^^ freut mich das du ihn magst.
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