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To Have and To Hold

By kara-lija
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Spoilers galore for the Twilight series... Sorry ^___^

Here's the vampire Edward Cullen and his human love Bella Swan, the main characters from the Twilight Saga books by Stephenie Meyer.

I just wanted to do a sweet wedding pic...

There's a million things wrong with this one. My only defense on it is that I was trying out different ways of doing things. Forgive me? ^___^

I based Bella's wedding dress off of this dress from 1915: [link]

Isn't it beautiful?

The song for this one is "Anywhere" by Evanescence

EDIT!!!!: I did actually draw Edward with a ring on his left hand, but you can't hardly make it out... it got lost in the inking phase. Just one of those little mistakes I mentioned earlier...

Done in Copics, india ink and Corel Photopaint9

No crit please ^^;
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Very good art-style! But you forgot to add something VERY important into this picture. You forgot...Edward's sunlight sparkles emoji *SPARKLING* sparkles emoji 
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This is SO PRECIOUS, I love seeing Bella in 1910s-era clothing! And his smile! :') <3
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Beautiful.  I loved the wedding scene in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1".  I also love both versions of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years", but I'm making her duet version with Steve Kazee (from part 2) my ideal wedding song.
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I love the contrast in between their skin tones. Not a lot of people can get it right.
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This is awesome. Love this version of the couple better than the movie version
IzPerplexing's avatar
Wow! This amazing. The detail is absolutely breathtaking. Great job!
twistedgrimfaerytale's avatar
usually I hate Twilight, but this is beautiful. I especially love the wispy quality of the veil. It looks like it's moving. Very beautiful picture
EllieJelly666's avatar
Now that is exactly how I pictured Edward. Beautiful picture.
SnowLeopardBelleAnge's avatar
I never got super giddy about the wedding in the story because, like Bella, I was too focused on the upcoming battle and everything going on. Add to it some sympathetic melancholy for Jacob's sake and you have whole chunks passing in a blur but this picture actually made me squeal. more than that, it almost made me tear up when I saw you picked the very song playing in my head. I dedicated that song to my fiancee and I wanna cry whenever I hear it. You are too good at this.
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Wow, I´m very impressed by your draw, it is simply fantastic your version about the wedding and I must recognised that the original wedding dress to the link and your interpretation are very similars.
My most sincere congratulations
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I love this!!!And you managed to get in Bella's ring!Plus,it's just so cute that she's on his lap!!!
Well done!!!
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Wow this is amazing, I especially like the hair and Bella's dress =D
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love it very cute
katgirl64's avatar
such a great drawing!i totally love it! :D
AliceCullen-Rox's avatar

thats so sweet!:)
MaggiexWafflesIsLove's avatar
Th-that's amaaaaaazing! You're an amazing artist!
sheepysaccount's avatar
Wow...their love is practically jumping out of the picture...
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OMG love it lol XD
di-flores's avatar
just one question - is Edward's hair hard to draw?
I'm having a freaking time trying to draw something worthy of Edward. I really like your style of hair...I just wished I could draw it :(
This drawing is one of my favorites! :D
trixielonestar55's avatar
Thats amazig!! How do you draw like that??
I wish I could be that good!! Its a great picture!
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this is beautiful i love it it amazzzzzing ahhhhhhh love
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