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Hello and Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it! Here's a new Bleach piece of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue... I'm completely taken with the Hueco Mundo arc that's currently going on. Kubo Tite has really fleshed Orihime's character out making her not the so ditzy girl we always thought she was (of course he's hinted that all along... her heartache and the darker side of her is just more prominent now...)
Title is from Kill Hannah's "Hummingbirds (the size of...)", Download here: [link]
And my skin she said it shakes,
so hard the gears are falling off.
And the walls, they seem to jump out of place,
and fly like kites in outerspace.
And we're running out of here,
prepared to throw ourselves off somewhere.
I'm lightheaded and can't explain
I'm lightheaded and can't explain
And my stomach, it feels like
hummingbirds the size of bullets are caught inside.
And the walls, they seem to burst thru the planes,
and fly like kites thru outer space.
And we're running out of air,
prepared to thro ourselves off somewhere.
I'm lightheaded and can't explain
I'm lightheaded and can't explain
And my skin she said it shakes,
it's hummingbirds the size of space.
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As much as I dislike this pairing, you did a really nice job
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LexCorp213|Hobbyist Photographer
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autumnechoes|Hobbyist Digital Artist
very beautiful~ amazing ;w;
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your characters' expressions are always perfect!!!!!!!!!!! love it!
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So beautiful
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ichihime25's avatar
beutiful thats all i can say
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dormantfire's avatar
aw, i love them :)
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Labandapunk121384's avatar
i just love it
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reylina93| Photographer
watching your work is a pleasure :)
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Beautiful. Love it. One of my favorites!!!!
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maximum-knight|Hobbyist General Artist
omg ive been looking for this pic for a long time
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OMFG!!! this is the kind of pic i look for but never find!
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A15E9E's avatar
* Best Bleach pic ever ^^* I really want that they be together, I really dislike that Orihime x someone else picture, she and Ichigo mus be together no matter what. And again, congrats for the picture!
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Gothic-Wolfie|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
nice, i like the highlights on the flower n mask
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Just too cute!
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Aishinteru|Hobbyist Artist
i wish it would happen in the series to! they are so cute together.
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Yohiko-sama's avatar
Haughtiness !! I love this couple and your drawings is very beautiful. "LOVE"

Superbe !! J'adore ce couple et ton dessin est très beau.
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Axel-Vampire's avatar
Very beautiful work :heart:
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Beautiful picture ^^
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I'm not sure if I commented on this, but this is my favorite picture from your gallery it is really awesome :D
their faces are the best part, love it :D
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KouNaraishi|Professional Filmographer
Great picture. I love how smooth it is. ^^
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loopy-lexy's avatar
The emotion in this is incredible. I love it! :heart:
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UltimatelyInsaneGirl's avatar
I like this drawing. Piece of art. =D It's well drawn, well colored, it's balanced, and I love how you captured the emotion in both characters. I feel like I can practically taste/smell/feel the emotion between them. That like... love. Or lust @.@ Hehe. Funny. XD Still. Well done. =D Loves IchixHime. ICHIxHIME FOR THE WIN >O
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ashleyjordan|Hobbyist General Artist
This is such a lovely picture. Both their faces are so beautiful and well done, especially how you colored this. His face is very pretty and I really like the emotion displayed...a longing and passion without over doing it
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