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Explicit Passivity

By kara-lija
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FULL VIEW PLEASE!!! Lot's of cool details are lost in the smaller size!!

Now Gin, why the masochism? Here's Ichimaru Gin (in his Arrancar arc clothes) and Matsumoto Rangiku from Bleach. I love this couple (obviously). Anyways, a little explaining about this pic: In this piece are their two "zanpakutou", or, "soul-slayer" sword. Zanpakutou look like regular swords, until it's owner calls it's name, this act is called the "shikai". The zanpakutou's power is a reflection on the owner, so each "shinigami"s ("death-god") shikai is different.
Gin's zanpakutou, "Shinsou" (lit. "Divine Spear"), is short more like a long knife than a sword. When he calls out, "Ikorose, Shinsou" ("Shoot to Death, Divine Spear") the sword literally shoots out lightning fast and pierces anything it comes into contact with.
Matsumoto's zanpakutou, "Haineko" (lit. "Ash Cat") looks like a regular sword until she calls out "Unare, Haineko!" ("Roar, Haineko!") it then dissolves into an ash-like sand that can slice through anything.

So. In this pic, each are weilding their weapon but nobody is really making a move. God Kubo Tite is killlling me with the suspense!! It about killed me in the comic (and anime) in the Soul Society arc, when Matsumoto blocked Shinsou and then Gin refused to fight her.... le sigh...

Anyways, the song for this piece is "Passive" by A Perfect Circle. This and "The Noose" by A Perfect Circle are THE most perfect songs for Gin and Ran. Download "Passive" here: [link]
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they are just really so beautiful :)
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I always thought it was cool how they have similar zanpakto. Like we dont find out gin's can turn to dust until he gets mauled by Aizen and HIDES QUICKLY IN BYAKUYA'S MANSION WHILE THE WORLD BELIEVES HIM TO BE DEAD, anyway, yeah thats just what i thought was interesting...
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himeno-sakuraStudent Artist
The art is done beautifully. Great job.
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Gothic-WolfieHobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome, like the affect 4 haineko, n the backgrounds really nice
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I love your explanation of why he isn't smiling, and I love you have a song to go with every pic you make! This is beautiful!
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love. Pure love! :heart:
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Awesome pic

Where do I find that part in the anime and manga? I vaguely remember watching that ep.
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yigandaStudent Interface Designer
this is very beautiful.
[..is currently listening to "never meant to belong"... from the BLEACH soundtrack]
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yigandaStudent Interface Designer
and i COMPLETELY agree with the suspense is killing me part of your description!
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OMG! I LOVE YOU! You draw such amazing stuff! The emotion in this just tugs at my heart strings :tears:
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When I look at this art work something goes through my head like "WHY GIN!? Why did you leeeeaaaaveee heeeeeeerrrr!?!?!?"

... or somthing like that. Wonderful artwork if you didn't get the hint.
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RiparianStudent Traditional Artist
I love this pairing even more now...such an awesome depiction of the two. +fave
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RiparianStudent Traditional Artist
Welcome :D
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kara-lijaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you sweetie!
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CiragoHobbyist General Artist
wonderful ambiance to this pic! I love that pair, too. Always a pleasure to run across another GinxRangiku fan! Especially when they do such wonderful art *grin*

Of course, the way the manga is going now, who knows how long it'll take to bring them back into contact so we can (maybe possibly someday) see some resolution.

Keep up the good work!
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Onoes, Gin looks annoyed XD I like the ashen effect Rangiku's sword has :D
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kazura-uyurinHobbyist General Artist
GinRan happens to be one of my favourite pairings in Bleach too. And the angst it generates is really too much sometimes. ^^; But I think that's what draws me to them.

Really lovely picture. I think if they ever face off in the manga, it'll be full of reluctance too... and would probably kill me with suspense. Gin about killed me with him saying goodbye to Rangiku already... that sincere but sad smile...
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kara-lijaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh totally! I felt the same way, when he smiled back at her the regret was so thick you could cut it with a knife. It broke my heart! I'm glad you like the pic, thank you for the faves!!
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MistressKurumiHobbyist Traditional Artist
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Edge-chanProfessional General Artist
Really awesome girl.
I noticed that in the 3 pics of GinRan, Gin isn't smiling... why?

(sorry if is a stupid question >.< )
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kara-lijaHobbyist Traditional Artist
No No!! I'm actually really glad you noticed that he wasn't smiling! I always thought that in the best moments between these two (how few there were) Gin wasn't smiling, but either looked frustrated (in the fight with hitsugaya) or regretful ( Aizen's escape to Hueco). The only time I really remember (which I could be wrong,but oh well >> ) is the flashback scene when Gin saved Ran. And even then it was a child's innocent smile and not that creepily odd smile he always has plastered on now. So. I usually draw Gin with a contemplative look, or pissed off look, because I beleive that Ran is about the only one that can break that ice he's got around him.
The other reason was that he looked REALLY HAWT when he doesn't smile ( well hell, I think he looks great even when he is...>.<;) And there are enough pics of him grinnin' (watch my next piece actually be one XD) Thanks for the question!!
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wow, that's deep :.)
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Edge-chanProfessional General Artist
Ahhhhhh that explains all.
Thanks for the response :kiss:
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