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At Your Best ::You Are Love::

By kara-lija
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Spock and Uhura from Star Trek.

I love the fact they used Uhura (and Kirk) to bring out Spock's humanity in the new movie. Here's a quiet moment between our favorite Vulcan Starfleet commander and his talented Lieutenant.

The title of this piece is based off of Aaliyah's song "At Your Best (You Are Love)": [link]

Choice Lyrics:

When I feel what I feel,
Sometimes its hard to tell you so.
You may not be in the mood to learn,
what you think you know.
There are times when I find,
You want to keep yourself from me
When I dont have the strength;
Im just a mirror to what I see.

But at your best, you are love
You're a positive motivating force within my life
Should you ever feel the need to wonder why
Let me know, let me know. . .

Done in Copics, india ink, and Corel Photopaint9.

Texture from :iconinspyretash-stock: ----> [link]
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Beautiful <3 :) yeah I think they are so perfekt together! There really should  be more fanart like this!
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This is wonderful. 

Spock and Uhura shippers need more fan works. 
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lovely work :) her hair is gorgeous.
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So lovely, tender, and romantic! I love it!
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Love that you are giving the fans exactly what they want to see. (I wish the movies would focus a little bit more on their romance) They are an awesome couple and you captured them perfectly!
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Aww this is so sweet!!!
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God, this is STUNNING! *_*

I really love it! It's perfection - from the displayed tenderness on the lovers' part to the flow of her hair!

And Spock/Uhura is epic win anyways! :heart:

Keep up the wood work! ^w^b
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Oh my god, can't breathe, this is AMAZING! :omg:
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One More Thing: I just love how you create your couples pieces, please keep creating! :XD:
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Hi, I love your drawings! I was wondering, do you make studies of the faces of the actors before you make the drawings or do you use pictures as references for the faces, which are in the same angles as the ones you intend to draw?
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Not a fan Spock/Uhura, because in the original series it didn't really happen (Kirk and Spock had more a bromance than Spock and Uhura had a romance...) But this is beautiful :) You can tell that it's a really close moment between them, and I like that. Uhura's hair is really pretty, makes me want any future movies to make Zoe have her hair down :P Great job on this.
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It didnt happen because the show aired in the 60's The network didnt even want to have a black Uhura and made sure she new it.
The thought of Spock and Kirk being in a romantic relationshi
I 'm not sure why Spock being in love with a human is so strange and uncharacteristic to everyone he is half human and his father who is full Vulcan married and loved a human women so why is relationship so strange. Also I think we have to keep into account the time when Star Trek was introduced I believe that if this series had been introduced during the 2000's it would be a completely different story . During the 60's the thought of Black women with anyone other than another black male was scandalous. Also Nichelle Nichols had a really difficult time with CBS executives and considered leaving the show many times.
Anyway, I love this Pic alos .
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I'm glad she stayed on the show, even if they didn't want her there. I don't think it's uncharacteristic of him, it wouldn't be that way for any Vulcan. Love is love. And you're right, if it was introduced in the 2000's it wouldn't have been as revolutionary for its time, and the story probably would have been a lot different. We also wouldn't have had Leonard Nimoy or Shatner (though his acting wasn't the best, I will always love him.)
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You are so right !!!!
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Haha yeah that happens sometimes :) thank you
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Just another comment. Am I the only one that noticed that Spock is NOT sleeping. So he can lay there for most of the night realizing how fortunate he is to have Nyota.
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Very beautiful . This has a dream like quality . Their skin is beautiful and Uhura's hair is beautiful too. I love their hands. Your choice of colours and the texture sheets is just lovely.
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This is so beautiful... Wow.
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