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An Illogical Need

By kara-lija
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Here's another Spock and Uhura pic from the new Star Trek movie.

Love, love love this pair. I spent a bit more time coloring this one than the first one I posted last night. With Copics that is. I didn't blend Spock's skin very much, because I liked how the Copics blended in the original line work.

Download the pic and you can see the Copic strokes easier...

I also tried to capture Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana's likenesses but I'm not sure if I succeeded. ^^;

The song for this one is "Black Is the Colour" by The Corrs. Beautiful song.

Done in india ink, Copics and Corel Photopaint9

Enjoy! No crit please! :)
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You have such great work. I really hope you do more Spuhura art. 

Incredible job. 
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This is simply beautiful! I love it! They look so adorable and tender with each other! Amazing job!
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Gorgeous. I do so love the colours... and the couple.
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I'm glad someone else has a little flame for the relationship we'll never quite see from the newer Star Trek movie. I was beginning to think I was alone in the universe...
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I think that your depiction is just fine. Maybe it's b/c I think of Skylar when I see Quinto, but I'd imagine him having bigger eyebrows. But that's it. XD
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I think you captured Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana's likenesses well. :)
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Beautiful work, I love this pairing :D
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I don't understand the hate for this wonderful couple. They bring me joy!
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I know me too! I love them!!! They compliment each other so well...
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Beautiful work! I just love this plot line!!:-)
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very beautiful
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love this rendition you did good on the likenesses.
I haven't seen it yet cause i live 100miles in any direction from a theater I have to wait till they get it in red box retails sadly
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I loved that movie! It was really cool and exciting. I love this pairing because it was cute and also it was fun to see Spock get illogical. Also, that the guy who plays Spock also plays Sylar on Heroes, so there's plenty of opportunities for Spock-head-slicing jokes.
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Hey girl, long time..., huh?

Nice shot you got here. Looks to me that your style changed a little in this months that you past without drawing. It's refreshing.

I still didn't watch the new ST movie, but I remember the original serie. Seems to me they got this couple from the beginning of the serie, when Uhura flirted with Spock.
I confess that I am more a Kirk/Uhura. But the hell, this picture is gorgeous. I loved Uhura's hair.

You know, with your love for "angsty ships", I had though that you would be more a Chapel/Spock than a Uhura/Spock. People are crazy, huh?

Well. Good work and welcome back.
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This is my favorite Trek pairing and you aced it. Bravo! :clap:
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This is so beautiful. I'm SO glad you love this pairing as much as I do. No one else I know is doing fanart of them. They don't look EXACTLY like the actors, but I think that's part of your style. Anyways, it looks great. ^^
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This is absolutely amazing!
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Wow! You're... wow that's so beautiful! You just brought the picture to life! Just like you do all your ichihime pictures XD
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