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These people drawings are the best!

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Got it from Anna-mator 

1. What is your favorite character in the game and why?
Omega Flowey because he's scary, his theme is precious,  and he cool boi -_-b also the voice Radix gave him is the best. Have a listen!: [link]

2. What is your favorite au?
Dusttale, Underswap, Mafiatale, Glitchtale, Horrortale, Underfell, and I guess that's it-

3. Do you have any OTP's?
Yea. Too lazy to list them all tho. 

4. Do you have any favorite characters that aren't cannon to Undertale? Like from another au?
Yep! It's Dusttale!Sans, Mafia!Papyrus, and Jessica from Glitchtale

5. Do you have any au's of your own?
Yea. Kisekitale, Pokentale, Corruptedtale (Ik that's already a thing, but who cares. It's different), Genotale, and Flowertale (it's a new one), OH FRICC! I FORGOT MY SWAG PAPYRUS'! HOW DARE I! *smacc*

6. What got you into the franchise in the first place?
My friend talked about it all the time. Like I couldn't go without one day of "Temmie!" I didn't even know who that was before. I was a Pokemon fanatic!

7. Who is your least favorite character?
Alphys. Idk. Too annoying T_T

8. In every au, there is a pair of siblings playing the roles of Sans and Papyrus. Let's face it, we all love them. Which pair from which au is your favorite?
Swap. *wheeze*

9. Trick question; how many petals does Flowey have?
6! Duh!

10. Well, I ran out of questions. This is over now.
oh okay ;w;


Kara-KetsuekiAka's Profile Picture
Naomi H
United States
POKEBALL by 8-BitSpider Naomi || She/Her || straight POKEBALL by 8-BitSpider

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Hey! I'm a smol girl who likes to draw for fun. Idk why I actually draw :v Oof! Don't thank me for a WATCH, fav, etc.
Things that I like:
-Nice and reasonable people
-Drawing (duh.)
-Ships (The relationship kind!)
-Anything creepy (except for Roblox/Minecraft creepypasta, those are retarded af)
-Blood red
-Baggy Clothes

Things I friccin hate:
-Retarted morons
-The flat earth society
-Logical people (because they never get my joke :c)
-Most of the DA ranting community
-Art tracers



I want to make a animated icon of one of my characters but idk who-

I need suggestions
MS Paint Practice
Oof- Have I told you that Kara has Hanahaki- no. okay.
Idk who the ship will be tho. I need suggestions ;w;

Also:… First thing that came to head. sorry xD
More pretty stuff
And there’s the same sun from this morning! = D
lmao, it looks like Jesus is coming xD
I was just watching some videos of this haunted forest in Japan (I'm not gonna say what it is-) and it was super- creepy. AAAA- I really want to go to the forest for some reason
Anyways! I got this idea so I drew it!
This is what happens when I see my senpai- 
idk why, but I always had this Undertale headcanon that if a human and another human have a fight. Both of their souls come out.
Idk why I always thought of that tho xD


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