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Everybody Lies

Everybody lies,
It's the only truth sometimes.
Doesn't matter if it's out there somewhere waiting for the world to find.
Or buried deep inside. Everybody lies.
Everybody lives, and everybody dies.

photo taken by me :aww:
There is no particular reason why i chose the title, i just like the song and i thought it fits the mood of the photo
and it is true, isn't it?

This is my entry for :iconacceptallart:’s contest

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I hope you win, I mean this is just.... FABULOUS No other words other than Amazing Awesome or Wonderful can tell what i think Bravo I don't know anyone who can defeat you, After seeing your votes you must win, The similar edit photos are AMAZING to but this i.i..i...i am all out of words..... OK i lied i just had to say <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconcannotevenplz:" title="cannotevenplz" /> I wanna see it in real life the water the dandelion the originality and the lighting oh my.... I'm sorry I just had to add a Critique instead of a comment sorry if this bothers you thanks.
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This is soo good! I have a picture of a dandylion on my page too, but it's nowhere close to as good as this!
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"It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what."

- Dr. Gregory House, House MD S01E21 "Three Stories"

- we are all just fragile beings
- easily hurt
- with big globules of emotions

Nice to see you let your 'poetry' come through. One can't be cutesy, sweet and lovely all the time. Don't get me wrong, love the colour and series explorations of your work. I think that it is healthy that aberrations come out every now and again.
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I love your work but do not understand some of the titles of the work. If you ever want to explain, this is an example. How is "Everybody Lies" conveyed by this work?
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that's so fabulous. i don't know how you do that but, don't stop to do... :)
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Thank you so much :hug:
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Thank you ! :happybounce:
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magnificent composition. it simply describes perfection.
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Thank you so much :heart:
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Full of sweet bliss.
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congratulations on winning first place :D
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Thank you so much ! :hug:
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Thank you ! :aww:
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Thank you very much :heart:
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How do you do it ; u ;
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