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Keri Hilson as Holly Short?

So, I've seen other Artemis Fowl fans "Holly-fy" pictures of actresses in an attempt to see if they would make a good Holly when (when, that's the key word :P) they make the Artemis Fowl movie. Soo... here's my attempt; I was watching "Knock You Down" on YouTube and I thought Keri Hilson looked a bit like Holly in it...nut brown skin, short hair, hooked nose, slender, etc. So, I looked up a suitable picture and edited it on PicMonkey, and TA DA!~ Here's the result.


I don't own Keri Hilson or PicMonkey or Holly Short. Although it would be insanely cool if I did.
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I totally agree!! I was looking through some cosplay pictures and thought that this was the best, even if it's not real :) WISH IT WAS!! I think Holly's coffee coloured skin tone is a really important part of her beauty and what makes her such a unique character. It highlights all her features, and it's too bad most other pictures I saw didn't really touch on it at all.
JediMasterQuill's avatar Out of all the "_____ as Holly Short" things that I've seen over time, this one would have to be the best. With less makeup, I can definitely see her as Holly. :3
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Thank you SO MUCH!!!!! >/////< :tighthug:
Yeah, I thought she wore too much makeup too XD But I couldn't find any good "Keri Hilson With No Makeup" pictures XP