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If Only (poem)

A poem I wrote last night at 2:15 AM [!!!] when I should have been finishing my schoolwork.... (I finished it, btw ;) at 4:00 AM XP)
Based on that line Artemis thought at the end of The Time Paradox, 'If Only'.
[When the poem refers to 'it', it is usually referencing the romantic/sexual aspect of their relationship]


If Only

If only we were freer
If maybe we had the time
If our schedules wern't so hectic
Maybe then it'd work out fine

If only you wern't older
If I wasn't quite so young
If we wern't so diffrent, maybe
Our song could then be sung

If only we lived closer
The miles between us, gone
We'd copy both your parents
We'd stroll- together- through your lawn

If only no one cared that much
About how we really feel
They wouldn't kill us for being together
Can we work out a sort of deal?

If only I never lied to you
I know it was ugly, wrong
If I hadn't said those words, dear
My list of troubles wouldn't be near as long

If only you didn't kiss me then
I'd've been able just to deal
But by bringing your lips down unto mine
You made my affections real

If only you weren't so beautiful
Your absence might not be missed
If your character was just lacking
It'd disappear like morning mist

Going on I'll go- quite soon- insane
Too many 'If Only's' to list.
But if our love was able to be overcome
We never would have kissed.


So... yeah, the lines are longer near the end than at the beginning and I may or may not have made up words I thought might fit. But it WAS two in the morning. ;)

If I was unclear on any point and you're thinking "How the HECK does this girl's brain work??!", please ask me, because it makes me feel tingly and happy inside when people comment X3

- St. Ivey
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this is just awesome!
Kaptin-Kudzu's avatar
Thank you so much!!
khaldunarapmoi's avatar
this is way better than anything i'd write in the wee hours of the morning.
Kaptin-Kudzu's avatar
Lol, I work best late at night! Half the art here was done at one in the morning.
Are you a morning person or a night owl?
khaldunarapmoi's avatar
I flip flop my days. Some im up bright and early and some i don't even sleep. I write great on no sleep lol.
Kaptin-Kudzu's avatar
Hahaha, I know a girl like that XD I get up early if I have motivation.
No1fan15's avatar
awww.. so cute!
love poems
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Sorcaron's avatar
The first half is alright since it's a bit too literal for my tastes, but I really like the second half. :D keep up the good work!! Not too bad for 3am, but you really shouldnt do that too often. ;) *knows from experience*
Kaptin-Kudzu's avatar
Thank you so much!!!
Lol I know, I only do it once a week at most.. (I'm homeschooled; my co-op meets once a week and I usually stay up late for homework the night before Xo But again; I'm homeschooled- I can sleep in later to make up for it)
Thank you for your comment :D
Sorcaron's avatar
haha okayyyy. That's kind of funny that you have to stay up late for homework. If I were homeschooled, my mom would definitely make us go to sleep early. :XD:
Kaptin-Kudzu's avatar
Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous XD I'm a night owl and do my best work at night, though- and so does my mother!!! XD Oftentimes you'll hear my dad calling to us at night- "Ivey!! Jennifer! Get to BED, it's one-thirty!! Q o Q" XD
Sorcaron's avatar
hahaha That's crazy. But if you say so xDD;;
EvilOpal's avatar
awsom poem! keep writing and creating art!
Kaptin-Kudzu's avatar
Thank you so much!!! ^_^ <3
EvilOpal's avatar
you're welcome!
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